Z is for Zamir


“Salaam, my name is Zamir and I come from Aswan in southern Egypt. I’m an exchange student at St. Louis P.A.W.S. and am training with Mrs. Bumsqueak to be a healer.

My shapeshifter form is a snake and snake shifters are often healers. We learn how to use our own venom as part of the healing process.

When I’m not working with Mrs. Bumsqueak I spend time with my girlfriend, Lilith. She still has to attend morning classes with Professor Ainsworth and sometimes I assist her with her homework.

At other times I like to sit in the Jewel Box in my snake form. It is soothing to be one with nature.”


Meet other P.A.W.S. characters beginning with Z:

Zechrini – Sister of Grisela who delivered the cotulae. Animagus calico cat.

Zebedee – Student at NY P.A.W.S.

Rav Zebulon of Safed – Ancestor of Rav Shmuel Hakessem. He created the original cat shapeshifter charms and books in his compound in Safed.

Zigmund Schwan – Swan animagus and healer of the mind who lives in Barbee Lane in St. Louis. Animagus form, white swan.

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