Penguins and Pets – Blogging from A to Z


Hi Everyone, Adana here. What a Perfectly Pretty day!

In Dragon Land I’ve never met anyone that wasn’t a dragon (apart from that mean Giant, but he’s far away now.)

But I love to go to the Dragon Land library and look at books from around the world. And from those I’ve learned about all kinds of creatures including dogs and penguins and cats!

Our first book today is written and illustrated by Jennifer Stolzer an author that lives in the same city as Debbie — St. Louis, MO.


Lily, Parker, and Cowboy spend a fun day at the dog park, but when Cowboy tries to make a new friend, things do not go as planned.

This book is based on the award-winning short film “Dog Park” by Jennifer Stolzer that received “Best Animation” award at the St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase at Webster University Film Festival and was shown at the St. Louis International Film Festival in 2008.

Pick up your copy in paperback on Amazon.

Our second book today is called THE WOBBLY PENGUIN by Clair Maskell (Author) and Dean Maskell (Illustrator). This is a very special book with a mission to teach children what it might be like to live with Multiple Sclerosis.

Bye for now.
Come back tomorrow to meet a Quail called Quincy.

O is for Orangutan and Ollie – Blogging from A to Z


OOOOOOOO – I like saying that! Today I’m going to introduce you to two books featuring the letter OOOOOOOOOO!

First up a gorgeous book about an ORANGUTAN. Debbie owns a copy of this book and says it’s beautiful and informative. Rita Goldner did a wonderful job in both the story and the illustrations. Isn’t that orangutan adorable?


When a young orangutan wakes in his nest of leaves, his day in the rainforest begins. He swings through the canopy searching for food, visits the river below, and encounters other Borneo wildlife-some of which create great danger. At day’s end, the young orangutan settles into a new nest of leaves with his mother, ready for another adventure tomorrow. Full of colorful, whimsical illustrations, the book also includes words to know, fun facts, and activities on related website.

ORANGUTAN: A DAY IN THE RAINFOREST CANOPY is a Nautilus Book Award silver winner in the picture book, non-fiction category! This national book award honors books that inspire and connect our lives as individuals, communities, and global citizens.

Pick up your copy in Kindle or Hardcover.

Next meet OLLIE in Ollie Discovers the Planets by Anya Akers


Ollie is an adventurous little alien who is both inquisitive and fearless. He lives with his Mum and Dad on a little planet called Pluto , just left of the twinkling, winking star. Ollie wanted an adventure, and as he looked up at the beautiful shimmering stars, he decided that he wanted to explore the biggest, and the brightest star of them all. It was called the Sun, and it sparkled, it shimmered and it shone.

You can pick up a copy of Ollie’s book directly from Anya’s website and also follow Ollie on Facebook.

Come back tomorrow to celebrate the letter P.



N is for Night and No Place Like Earth – Blogging from A to Z


Hi everyone,

Did you have a good weekend? Debbie had an exciting one as she got to go see Hamilton this weekend with her son, Joey at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis.

Today we’re celebrating the letter N with two awesome books. The first features a word that is dear to my heart, Earth. In NO PLACE LIKE EARTH by Lori Fettner and illustrated by Michael Fettner, we follow a child’s dream on a journey through space.


The child looks for a place to land while exploring each planet, but some are too hot, some are too cold, and some are just made of liquid and gas. Only planet Earth is just right.

Fun rhyming text introduces children to each planet and basic facts about it. The text is accompanied by stunning images of a rocket traveling through the solar system, interspersed by close up images of each planet in order.

While each planet is amazing in its own way, there is only one we can call home. If parents choose, this can be the start to a conversation about how we can take better care of our planet.

Pick up your copy on Amazon in Kindle or paperback. 

Next up we have SHIMMER: SONGS OF NIGHT by Raven Howell  (Author) and‎ Carina Povarchik (Illustrator).


Love the kitty on the cover here. They’re obviously a fantastic artist as the moon painting this awesome NIGHTtime scene.

For a child, the time between sundown and sunup can be an enchanting world of mystery and fun, a time when fairies dance, night creatures creak and hum, and stars reign over all. What are a child’s thoughts when he or she hears the evening’s first cricket, has a sleepover with friends, or looks up at the stars and wonders, “What’s up there?”

Pick up your copy in hardback or paperback on Amazon.

Come back tomorrow when we’ll meet a space explorer called OLLIE and an ORANGUTAN.

See ya,


M is for Math! Blogging from A to Z


Hi Everybody,

Adana here. Do you like MATH? I have to say it was never my favorite subject. Today though I’m introducing two awesome picture books that make math fun.

The first is MATHIMALS by Jon Hales (Author), and Charlene Mosley (Illustrator)


Do you find it hard to add?! Brace yourself for a fun, slightly unusual and mildly chaotic lesson in basic addition! What happens when you add 1 mouse + 1 sheep, for example? Or 4 caterpillars + 4 fish? You’ll find out in this hugely entertaining picture book filled with weird and wonderful creatures.

Packed with brightly coloured illustrations, clever wordplay and lots of fun details, this rhyming story is sure to capture the imaginations of young children and is designed to help easy sums stick in the mind.

Perfect for ages 3-5 but with plenty for younger and older children to enjoy.

I had the privilege to read this one and was very impressed both with the concept and the illustrations.

Pick up a paperback from Amazon UK or US or a Kindle copy.

Next up meet MACKENZIE THE MATHEMATICIAN by Samara Lynch (Author) and‎ Rahana Dariah (Illustrator)


Look at Makenzie out in space! Doesn’t that look awesome?

Mackenzie the Mathematician tells the story of a 3rd grader, Mackenzie, who has such a deep adoration for math, she spends most of her time daydreaming about becoming a famous mathematician. However, that all changes when she enters a math competition.

Pick up your copy on Amazon in Kindle or paperback.

By for now – see you next time with the letter N!


Life and Lily – Blogging from A to Z


Hello Lovelies,

Today we celebrate the letter L with a Sassy Chick and a penguin called Lily.


When two silly sisters, Carly and Riley are busy playing in their tree house, they stumble upon a strange object on the window sill. It is a purple egg with pink fuzz.! What in the world will hatch from this thing? Can you guess? When the egg cracks, the creature inside is unlike anything they have ever seen. The adventures begin as the girls come up with fun ideas on how to take care of this adorable new pet.

Pick up Cindy’s book on Kindle, Hardcover, and Paperback on Amazon.

Next up meet Lily Penguin who is stuck inside on a snowy day.



A little penguin discovers that she can explore her surroundings and see the world around her by using her imagination.

Read her tale in paperback or Kindle from Amazon.  

Now I’m off to use my imagination. Come back tomorrow to explore two fun mathematical books for the letter M.


K is for Kelly and Kenzie – Picture Books from A to Z

Hi Adana here and today I’d like to introduce you to two new friends Aunt KELLY and her dog and KENZIE who is looking for a friend. (I know all about that one. At the beginning I didn’t have any dragon friends but today I’m friends with the water dragons, the air dragons and the fire dragons.


Do you like my new friends? You’ll get to meet them in my book, Adana the Earth Dragon, coming out real soon.

In meantime let’s meet Aunt Kelly’s Dog written by Helen Vivienne Fletcher  and illustrated by Ian Garmonsway. He looks scary, doesn’t he, just like the fire dragons, but they turned out to be really fun and something tells me Aunt Kelly’s dog might just be the same.


Davey and Michael can’t wait to meet Aunt Kelly’s Dog… but what will they do if the dog is a big, scary, people-eating monster?
Aunt Kelly’s Dog is the first of three picture books from writer-illustrator duo Helen Vivienne Fletcher and Ian Garmonsway. If you like quirky stories, gorgeous illustrations and a good dash of humour, then you’ll love Helen and Ian’s hilarious new books.
$1 from the sale of every copy of Aunt Kelly’s Dog will be donated to Assistance Dogs New Zealand, to support them in providing dogs to New Zealanders with disabilities.

Pick up your copy on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.  

Next up we have Kenzie in search of a friend written by Erica Smith with illustrations by Ashleigh Webb and Alicia Axnick . She looks so sad. I hope she finds a friend. I’d be her friend if she’d like to meet a small brown dragon.


Kenzie is a baby highland cow. She is very lonely and looking for a friend, just like her. One day her mama tells her to go for a walk, as she never knows what she might find. Along the way Kenzie meets lots of animals, but none of them is just like her. Does that matter?

Find out in Kenzie in search friend on sale on Amazon in paperback.   

Or pick up a copy from Erica’s Etsy store. There’s even a matching tote bag available.

That’s all for now. Come back tomorrow when we will meet a chick and a penguin.