Editing and Proofreading


Are you looking for an editor or a proofreader? I can help. I’ve had clients in many genres including fantasy, steampunk, children’s, memoir, horror, and romance. About the only thing I won’t tackle is erotica. Send me a message for my rates.

Here’s what one of my awesome clients recently said about working with me:

“Debbie is an excellent editor! She did a wonderful job on my picture books and chapter books for children. Her suggestions were constructive and greatly improved the quality of my books. Her turn-around time was commendable. I would definitely recommend Debbie and would love to hire her again for my future projects.”

Here are some of the published books I have edited over the last few years. All of them are awesome. Seriously check out some of these stories. You won’t be disappointed.


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A genre-blending low-fantasy swashbuckler, The Adventures of Elsabeth Soesten follows the travels and travails of a mercenary swordswoman seeking to make a name and fortune for herself while turning the world around her upside down. A world where few things are more scandalous and frightening than an independent woman.

These books were some of the most fun I had editing and am looking forward to continue editing the series. Check them out on Amazon.


Awesome epic fantasy that you’ll lose yourself in and a wonderful author to work with. Be sure to start with book 1 of the series, Blood and Bane.


More epic fantasy here that was oodles of fun to edit.

“Demonality blends magic, adventure, love, sex, colourful language, and even a little comedy into a fun and unique fantasy story.”


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Or how about an intense thriller packed with social commentary?

BURNING THE BRIDGES by Charles Blount was one of the most intense stories I had the privilege of editing.



I also love working with children’s picture book authors, like Tina Wijesiri who also drew the pictures for some of my titles.

This adorable little story of three hedgehogs is now available on Amazon.


Or P. Tomar, whose story features two curious elephants, Babu and Bina, and their encounter with a ghostly maharajah.

Available on Amazon in print and ebook.

Or perhaps you enjoy memoir. I’ve had the honor of editing several inspiring memoirs in the last few years here are two of my favorites, both well worth a read.



At the age of eight, Jawara griffin was left alone with three of his brothers and one sister in their dilapidated home in North Philadelphia. He struggled, stole and somehow made it through with just a few shared pieces of clothing and torn up pair of sneakers. Later, wrenched away from his siblings due to his mother’s drug addiction, Jawara was moved from group home to group home and was dubbed a “home boy” by his cruel classmates in school. Throughout all this he persevered and followed the advice of a teacher to keep a smile on his face at all times and fight for what he wanted. His positive mindset paid off, and today Jawara is a successful Attorney.

By sharing his story he hopes to inspire others by reassuring them that “No matter what you are going through today, I promise you, you will all be winners in life.”

Pick up a copy in paperback or ebook

And finally, My Mother’s Keeper by S.G. Benson

Most people, at some point in their lives, confront issues with aging parents. Whether the problems are medical, financial, logistical, or emotional—or some combination—it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless.

My Mother’s Keeper: One family’s journey through dementia chronicles the author’s journey through parental dementia. At first, the author didn’t even recognize it as an illness. Once she found herself up to her neck in a nightmare, she had no time for research. She spent every waking moment coping, reacting, and scrambling—and was simply too exhausted to do more than try to put out each fire as it flared.

Later, once the crisis subsided, she found several books, articles, and websites that contained helpful information about dementia, its associated behaviors, and care suggestions for patients. What she didn’t find were stories of how families coped with it.

By sharing her experience, she hopes to help fill that gap. This book tells her family’s story of rapidly-accelerating personality changes, aggression, violence, fear, mistakes, hopelessness, helplessness, and eventual closure. The author hopes it will help readers who find themselves embarking on a similar journey understand that they are not alone.

Available on Amazon