Editing and Proofreading


Are you looking for an editor or a proofreader? I can help. I’ve had clients in many genres including fantasy, steampunk, children’s, memoir, horror, and romance. About the only thing I won’t tackle is erotica. Send me a message for my rates.

Here are some of the published books I have edited over the last couple of years. All of them are awesome. Seriously check out some of these stories. You won’t be disappointed.



Aoife & Demon – Rise of the Syhlain – Shamila Ghyas & Humeira Kazmi,

I adored working with Shamila and Humeira polishing this epic fantasy that began with the SIBA award winning Cursed by the Syhlain.



Revenge and Machinery by Victoria L. Szulc

This steampunk tale is oodles of fun. Start with book 1 – Strax and the Widow.



I also love working with children’s picture book authors, like Tina Wijesiri who also drew the pictures for some of my titles.

This adorable little story of three hedgehogs is now available on Amazon.



Sixteen Days by Rebekah Dodson

How about a little contemporary romance? This should fit the bill.


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Sins of the Past  and  Sins of the Future

And our newest edition to the Sins of Time series, Sins of the Gods.

Or maybe horror’s your thing. I loved working with all the amazing authors in these two collections of the macabre and have a story of my own in each of these.



Pieces of the Puzzle – Elizabeth Biermann

This powerful memoir is sometimes a tough read. I applaud Elizabeth for writing it and was honored to work as her editor.