Friday Fiction – Paranormal Romance Edition

Hi folks, it’s that time again and today I have two awesome Paranormal Romance books and a fantasy box set to share with you. First up a freebie!

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What would you do if a ghost appeared in your newly purchased home?

Kiyo “Kiki” Mori has been offered a job as a library manager in Custer, Washington. James “Micky” Michael Lyndell sells his grandfather’s house to Kiki. When they meet, Micky instantly becomes smitten with her.

Unbeknownst to either of them, James Harrison Lyndell, still occupies the 1950s style home. After a week of settling into her new place, Kiki is thrown into life with a ghost when James appears in an upstairs bedroom. The two quickly become unlikely friends as they learn more about each other.

Will Micky be able to crack through Kiki’s introverted walls? How will James help these two figure out they belong together? And what regret is tying James to this world?

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Next up a cover reveal for a wildly anticipated book by two of my favorite authors, Rebecca Jaycox and M.A. Phipps.

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Isn’t that a beautiful cover? So what’s it about? I’m glad you asked.

A forbidden friendship. A dangerous secret. What’s done in the dark always comes to light.

After a number of violent incidents brand seventeen-year-old LUNA as a danger to others, she’s committed to a psychiatric hospital, reaffirming what she’s always known—she’s crazy. Only one person disagrees with her diagnosis: the new doctor with the bewildering golden glow who insists she’s “special” and doesn’t belong there. When he arranges to have her transferred to a school in Egypt for children with angelic blood, Luna is forced to question if she’s actually insane or if there’s possibly more to her troubled past than she thought.

CALEB is a Dark Nephilim student at the Tower of Babel Academy in Iraq. Despite being the third generation of his bloodline, he’s more gifted than many of his peers, making him the perfect candidate to go undercover as an exchange student at the school for Light Nephilim in Alexandria. Once there, he has only one mission: find a way to free his grandfather, Alexander the Great, who was entombed after trying to conquer the world.

When Luna and Caleb cross paths, their outcast natures draw them to each other despite everyone around them saying Lights and Darks can’t be friends. With millennia of prejudice working against them, can they overcome the divide built to keep them apart? Or will the building trail of secrets and lies they discover destroy their fragile, new-found bond?

LIGHTFALL is the first book in the YA paranormal romance trilogy The Origin Prophecy, a loose Romeo + Juliet retelling about two teenage Nephilim caught on opposing sides of an ancient feud.

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And finally that fantasy box set I mentioned …

Complete series just 2.99 on Kindle!

A lonely path…

David is just like any other normal high school student: slacking off from class, planning for the future like he’s got everything figured out, when he receives news of his grandmother’s death.

He has never felt more lost.

A grim secret…

Sara moves in next door on a mission: to befriend David. With her bright smile and outgoing personality, she easily wins him over. This can be the start of her new life.

As long as no one finds out about her secrets.

Will Sara fill the emptiness in David’s life? Or will her past lead them back to where they started before they met each other? All alone?

A complete series – just 2.99 on Kindle or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Rhyfedd is Here! Happy Book Birthday to Me!

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Hi everyone! Today’s the day. RHYFEDD – that’s book NINE of my P.A.W.S. Saga releases today! And we’re going on a magical puzzle hunt, the ancient Rhyfedd!

But once the hunt has started, it is clear that someone is meddling, but who? And what is the connection between the strange puzzles and the charm worn by Doris, the animagus dormouse from New York? And how does the mysterious Cazique fit into this?

It is all rather puzzling!

The P.A.W.S. Saga continues with Rhyfedd. Pick up your copy today!

Oh, and if you already preordered your copy, you can even preorder book 10, Madarak, if you wish that will be flying in next spring on the 10th anniversary of the release of the first edition of P.A.W.S.

Catstruck! A Charity Anthology – Preorder Today!

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I’m excited to announce that I’ve taken over as editor and publisher of this awesome charity anthology of all things feline that will be released on National Cat Day, October 28th, 2022. All proceeds will go to the wonderful cat shelter, Tenth Life which focuses its help on special needs cats.

The anthologies includes stories from:

Stephanie Barr
Jen Ponce
Debra Kristi
Bokerah Brumley
Henry Herz
Holly Hook

And me, Debbie Manber Kupfer with more to come.

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Friday Fiction!

Click the above image for some awesome fantasy and sci-fi tales!

Hi folks, Happy Friday! I hope your summer is not as brutal as ours. We’ve had several 100 degree days in St. Louis so far this summer and it’s not even July yet. You know what I’m going to do? Stay inside as much as possible with a good book–and I have some good choices for you today to keep both you and your little ones happy and entertained during these scorching days.

First up, how about some vampires?

Vampires. Not the midlife crisis I expected.

When I finally got around to dating after my jackhole of a husband walked out on my fortieth birthday, I thought personal grooming was my biggest worry. Until I went on a date with a vampire and ended up fighting for my life.

Now I see magic—and danger—everywhere I look, and somehow I’m the one responsible for keeping everyone safe.

It’s worse than being roped into heading a PTA committee. Well…maybe.

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Or choose a FREE title from this selection:

And now onto our children’s selection this week:

Hearting with Herman introduces children to the incredible power of the human heart.

In this story, we are introduced to the simple act of hearting. When Herman, a humpback whale, shares his heart song at the beach, lonely Sasha goes on a miraculous journey.

She discovers the sound her heart makes is music that others can hearMermaids, seafaring friends, and an earth goddess are a few of the encounters she enjoys along the way.

Sasha’s confidence grows with her new friends to realize that she is never really alone.

Enjoy book one in the Hearting with Herman series. Hearts of all ages will enjoy the free companion song A Call to the Sea available on the author’s website.

Book available in print, ebook and audio!

A sweet book full of adventure and wonder that kids of all ages will adore!
Every Saturday, Millie spends the day at her grandmother’s house. There are no toys and no TV, but it’s still the best part of her week. You see, grandma is a fairy! With a twirl of her magic spoon, she sends Millie to wherever she wants to go!

Available on Amazon in ebook or paperback!

And last but not least I have a free activity for you to enjoy with your little ones this weekend!

Help your little one develop important skills for elementary education with this fun teacher-created, color, cut, and paste dinosaur-themed activity book.

Children will develop the confidence to use scissors safely and effectively by cutting out a variety of dinosaur images. Your child will improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination first by coloring and then through cutting.

Download as a PDF so that you can print and cut the pages!

And that’s for this week. Have a good weekend and try to stay cool!

Friday Fiction

Hi folks it’s Friday, so that’s means it’s time for another Friday fiction spotlight. All the titles I’m featuring this week are FREE on Story Origin in exchange for signing up for the authors’ newsletters.

First up, check out Daughter of Cloak and Mask by Lauren MD

Trice was raised in a gang as a city thief, where morals were non-existent and punishment could cost you a hand. But both were better than starving on the street or being sold to the brothels. When she is offered the chance to earn her freedom—there’s nothing that would stop her.

Having already suffered serious injuries at the hands of the guard, Trice’s only choice is to join the ranks and turn informant on her former guild. Surprisingly, the guardsman sent to act as her handler was not what Trice expected, and before long her feelings for him begin to grow stronger. However, she is all too aware that her long-time friend has been taking risks to win her affections, risks that could draw unwanted attention to both of them.

With her loyalty stretched thin, Trice must navigate her new role carefully. The desire to survive has never been greater, and it all lies in whom she decides to trust, and whether she should follow her heart.

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Next up a magical steampunk adventure about a pop singer with a dark past.

Fifteen-year-old Amena is a spy and thief for the rebellion, but she dreams of being a singer. Fame seems impossible when she lives in a hidden village in a remote part of the empire. But when she gets arrested on an easy recon mission, a magical doorway appears and offers her a way out.

When the goddess of the rainforest offers Amena a chance at her dreams, she chooses to risk it all. Leaving behind the rebellion, her mother, and everything she’s ever known, she can finally start her singing career. But the goddess’s magic comes with hidden costs.

Joining the big competition, Star Search, Amena tries to balance her music with training as a divine warrior. She must serve the whims of the goddess and avoid her criminal record. A rival singer takes her breath away—but she’s hiding her own secrets. Her new life is more dangerous than the spy game she left behind.

Is the price of fame too high when death is on the line?

Find out in Amena’s Rise to Stardom by Kristen S. Walker.

How about a post-apocalyptic princess story?

Of course, 14-year-old Robin worried about her grandma living alone in the forest. With her mother deployed in the Royal Guard and her brother running a criminal empire, Nonna was the closest family she had. But she never imagined that knights would show up to arrest Nonna and throw her into prison—for crimes Nonna definitely committed.

To save Nonna from a slow, lonely death in jail, all Robin has to do is travel to the nation’s capital city, find a mysterious contact, and break her grandma out of a high-security prison. Except she has no papers, no money to travel, and no family to accompany her.

Robin faces an impossible choice: let her beloved Nonna stay in prison forever, slowly weakening under a cruel government’s torture… or find the strength to resist the government alone.

If you’re a fan of The Selection’s world of royalty, Marissa Meyer’s futuristic Cinder, and Grimms’ imaginative, twisted fairy tales, then you’ll fall in love with Hood!

Read Hood today to enter the thrilling dystopian fantasy series Post-Apocalyptic Princesses.

When hope is just a flicker, trust a dragon to light the flame.

Fliss is the youngest princess of Bright Wing, a tribe of dragon shifters defending Faery against the enemy Shades. She yearns to fight, but now she’s stuck at school far away. The situation is ridiculous. Intolerable. How can she save the world when she’s forbidden to fly after curfew?

The school at Penriva House is far outside the battle lines. The students are safe, or so everyone believes. But Shades attack Fliss before she arrives at the school, and now there are signs the enemy is hiding just beyond its walls. When the headmistress ignores the evidence, Fliss has to wonder whose side she’s on.

Terrified, Fliss is unsure where to turn with the secret she uncovers. There’s no clear way to save her newfound friends, much less herself. Does Fliss run, or risk all and fly into battle, one small dragon against a host of perilous foe?

If you like stories of supernatural adventure, courageous heroines, and a touch of romance, you’ll enjoy this bite-sized prequel to the Crown of Fae series.

Last but not least something for your little ones. A selection of free stories for children of different ages.

Friday Fiction

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Happy Friday. This week I have three awesome books to share with you.

First up check out this awesome box set.

Contains all three books from the Dusk Eternal trilogy

To drive out the heathen empire from the realm. To rule as the legendary pharaoh reborn. To bring about the Dusk Eternal and usher in a new era of prosperity for the desert kingdom of Khemeret.

That shouldn’t be a problem for Ashira. Right?

The priests who rescued the drowned girl knew she was the one spoken of in the prophecy. All the signs were there. She could heal the sick with but a touch. The dead bowed to her. She was the mighty Nephtet-Ka returned to them. Ashira grew up, fully confident in her abilities and powers, but reclaiming a kingdom is not a simple task. And prophecies are hardly ever straightforward. Her ambitions will take her from her home in Khemeret to the ruling country of Alvara and back again. She’ll have to face bandits, bounty hunters, legionaries, and even creatures from beyond her imagination. Her only true ally is Mwarthes, a sly assassin who speaks with serpents and lets his curiosity get the better of him. Will he help her reclaim her throne? Or will she end up another corpse in the desert?

$9.99 for all three titles or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Next up how about an audio book for your weekend listening pleasure?

Humans and Mystics have been at war for as long as Kala can remember. For this reason, contact with any of the magical creatures that inhabit the forest near her home is punishable by death.

So when an elf rescues her from being kidnapped by his brother, she has good reason to question his motives. That is, until she learns the truth: that it was a human who killed her mother, not a Mystic, and that she and the whole kingdom are being lied to.

But confiding in the wrong person opens old wounds, and Kala must choose between her family and a blossoming romance. Can her love unite their people? Or has she doomed everyone she cares about?

Available on Audible.

And last but not least check this out …

A country under war. A mission that will test the loyalty of everyone. What sacrifices must enemies make to maintain order?

Anjuu is the deadliest assassin in Narishma.

As a Drow, she’s persecuted by the elves at the pinnacle of society—thanks to her Queen Kalio conquering the country.
Her latest mission: to kill those fueling the brewing rebellion. But as the truth unravels, everything around her warps until she doubts her own mission.

An educated elf, Tosh is forced into manual labor in the quarries, serving under the Drow Queen. Seeking vengeance, he escapes with the help of Narishma’s God, Devata. Accompanied by a sprite, Tosh seeks the next dragon guardian, so he can destroy the very government that enslaves his people.

Now Anjuu must face herself and her new fate, or be killed by the very Country and Queen she holds dear.

Just 99 cents on Kindle or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Adana is FREE for Earth Day Weekend!

Happy Earth Day!

My little dragon book, Adana the Earth Dragon is FREE this weekend. Pick up your copy here!

But wait there’s more! Two of my picture book titles – Cecilia’s Tale and The Great Bobbert are both just 99 cents for a limited time.

Plus three more of my titles, Wanda’s Wand, Esmeralda Grunch and the Red Tulip and Esmeralda’s Chanukah are all just $1.99 on Kindle for a limited time.

And last but not least, check out these awesome kids books by a whole host of indie authors!

99 cents P.A.W.S. Mega Sale!

Hi folks! Big news – for one week only ALL the books in my P.A.W.S. Saga including the most recent release AKASH are on sale for just 99 cents/99p each!

P.A.W.S. (book 1)

Argentum (book 2)

Umbrae (book 3)

Londinium (book 4)

Cotula (book 5)

Jhara (book 6)

Manus Wu (book 7)

Akash (book 8)

PLUS if that isn’t enough I’ve got together with a host of other fantasy authors to put together a one week promo of 99 cents fantasy. Click on the banner below to check out their books. You won’t be disappointed. Happy Reading!

Friday Fiction!

Over 50 magical reads!

Hi everyone! Happy April! I’m going to shower you with awesome reads today. Check these out!

Her music is magic, and she will need every note to save their lives.

Gwynn has finally joined the ranks of the most prestigious guild of bards. Eager to explore the world and create her musical legacy, she heads to the dazzling city to impress with her skills. On the road she encounters an elite warrior wounded in an ambush, and fate demands they join forces to defeat the darkness that has hijacked her past.

Can she free her world from enchantment before her soul shatters?

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And now something for our younger readers.

Would you be brave enough to go on a special mission to stop the King’s enemy?

Molly is comfortable living in the royal palace with her friends and the kind King. But all of that is about to change.

The King’s evil enemy, a team of Treasure Trickers, has invaded the Kingdom and stolen valuable treasures from the “Otherlands”. Only a royal child has the power to defeat them.

Molly is that child.

Equipped with a magical coat, Princess Molly ventures out on a secret mission – to find and capture the Trickers.

Molly’s friends, Suzie, Rich and Walter Jackson join her on a magical train ride through time and space to the “Otherlands”.

The Trickers secretly track Molly’s every move and are determined to stop her at all costs. They do not want to be caught. Molly will need to outsmart them by using the King’s magic wisely.

Time is running out. The Trickers have already overtaken three of the four “Otherlands”.

Can Molly catch the Trickers before they invade the fourth land? If not, the Trickers will control all the lands, and the valuable treasures will be lost forever.

Join Molly on her adventure and discover the hidden message of the story – you can do anything the King asks you to do, when you rely on him for help.

Available everywhere. Ebook currently just 99 cents!

And finally something for our littlest readers.

A fun, rhyming read-aloud adventure!

In this story, Denny wants to race, but there’s nowhere to go. He pesters the disinterested Penny to join him AND find a location. Will his perseverance pay off? Find out in their latest tale of turning boredom into fun.

Available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle or FREE to subscribers of Kindle Unlimited.

Check out these awesome reads for little ones!

A Strange Dream

Hi folks, I thought I’d share a really weird dream I had last night that almost seems like the start of a story. I don’t normally remember my dreams but this was so strange I decided to write it down as I was making my morning tea. So here goes.

Strange Dream – March 20, 2022

(First night of Spring Break)

My family and I are on the side of the road somewhere in St. Louis without a car. Maybe we are waiting for a bus or we could be hitchhiking? Who knows? Anyway, a car stops and it turns out to be my sister-in-law in her new car (she doesn’t have a new car as far as I know) and she offers us a ride. We accept, but she’s in the back and as we get in I realize there’s no driver. It’s a self-driving car and I’m really scared. The rest of my family don’t seem to be bothered though, but I sit there terrified. (I don’t trust self-driving cars and highly recommend you check out Misha Burnett’s awesome cautionary tale, In the Driving Lane, from the anthology, Sins of the Future, for some of my reasons why.)

The inside of the car looks different when we’re actually inside it, like it’s a big glass box and we don’t see my sister-in-law anymore. My son sits on the left side of me and then he’s sitting outside the car for a moment, as apparently it has an outside balcony! But then I look again and he’s sitting inside.

Then the car changes again and now it’s a bus with many passengers and my husband’s in the driver’s seat. It’s still self-driving at the beginning but then it switches to manual and my husband is expected to drive it. He does for a bit, but then decides he doesn’t want to and we get off the bus.

To begin with we think we’re in London, which is odd because we started off in St. Louis. And suddenly my mother is with us and she’s on roller skates! Two things here. First my mum passed a few years back and secondly she never in her life would be on roller skates!

Turns out we’re not in London. There are strange stone buildings with gargoyles and my mum’s far behind us on her roller skates. My husband asks her to hurry up, but she’s having too much fun for that! I don’t think it is as the strange buildings around us look different to anywhere else I’d been.

Then suddenly we’re surrounded by hostile people demanding we leave or else! Then one guy who has been painfully disfigured warns that we better leave quickly and go to Oxford. That we can follow the robot!

The robot turns out to be small and cute and yes we follow it. We’re in another area now with pretty residential houses and we watch a family leave one of the houses and then the robot leads us to its front door.

Inside it looks like an office with a few nerdy looking guys working. They’re not surprised to see us, but feel jealous that we’ve been sucked into a game! They chat with my husband and son about video games for a while until I say I’ve had enough and I really just want to go home.

They nod sagely and then I woke up!

I hope you enjoyed my crazy dream!

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