Friday Fiction!

Over 50 magical reads!

Hi everyone! Happy April! I’m going to shower you with awesome reads today. Check these out!

Her music is magic, and she will need every note to save their lives.

Gwynn has finally joined the ranks of the most prestigious guild of bards. Eager to explore the world and create her musical legacy, she heads to the dazzling city to impress with her skills. On the road she encounters an elite warrior wounded in an ambush, and fate demands they join forces to defeat the darkness that has hijacked her past.

Can she free her world from enchantment before her soul shatters?

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And now something for our younger readers.

Would you be brave enough to go on a special mission to stop the King’s enemy?

Molly is comfortable living in the royal palace with her friends and the kind King. But all of that is about to change.

The King’s evil enemy, a team of Treasure Trickers, has invaded the Kingdom and stolen valuable treasures from the “Otherlands”. Only a royal child has the power to defeat them.

Molly is that child.

Equipped with a magical coat, Princess Molly ventures out on a secret mission – to find and capture the Trickers.

Molly’s friends, Suzie, Rich and Walter Jackson join her on a magical train ride through time and space to the “Otherlands”.

The Trickers secretly track Molly’s every move and are determined to stop her at all costs. They do not want to be caught. Molly will need to outsmart them by using the King’s magic wisely.

Time is running out. The Trickers have already overtaken three of the four “Otherlands”.

Can Molly catch the Trickers before they invade the fourth land? If not, the Trickers will control all the lands, and the valuable treasures will be lost forever.

Join Molly on her adventure and discover the hidden message of the story – you can do anything the King asks you to do, when you rely on him for help.

Available everywhere. Ebook currently just 99 cents!

And finally something for our littlest readers.

A fun, rhyming read-aloud adventure!

In this story, Denny wants to race, but there’s nowhere to go. He pesters the disinterested Penny to join him AND find a location. Will his perseverance pay off? Find out in their latest tale of turning boredom into fun.

Available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle or FREE to subscribers of Kindle Unlimited.

Check out these awesome reads for little ones!

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