A Strange Dream

Hi folks, I thought I’d share a really weird dream I had last night that almost seems like the start of a story. I don’t normally remember my dreams but this was so strange I decided to write it down as I was making my morning tea. So here goes.

Strange Dream – March 20, 2022

(First night of Spring Break)

My family and I are on the side of the road somewhere in St. Louis without a car. Maybe we are waiting for a bus or we could be hitchhiking? Who knows? Anyway, a car stops and it turns out to be my sister-in-law in her new car (she doesn’t have a new car as far as I know) and she offers us a ride. We accept, but she’s in the back and as we get in I realize there’s no driver. It’s a self-driving car and I’m really scared. The rest of my family don’t seem to be bothered though, but I sit there terrified. (I don’t trust self-driving cars and highly recommend you check out Misha Burnett’s awesome cautionary tale, In the Driving Lane, from the anthology, Sins of the Future, for some of my reasons why.)

The inside of the car looks different when we’re actually inside it, like it’s a big glass box and we don’t see my sister-in-law anymore. My son sits on the left side of me and then he’s sitting outside the car for a moment, as apparently it has an outside balcony! But then I look again and he’s sitting inside.

Then the car changes again and now it’s a bus with many passengers and my husband’s in the driver’s seat. It’s still self-driving at the beginning but then it switches to manual and my husband is expected to drive it. He does for a bit, but then decides he doesn’t want to and we get off the bus.

To begin with we think we’re in London, which is odd because we started off in St. Louis. And suddenly my mother is with us and she’s on roller skates! Two things here. First my mum passed a few years back and secondly she never in her life would be on roller skates!

Turns out we’re not in London. There are strange stone buildings with gargoyles and my mum’s far behind us on her roller skates. My husband asks her to hurry up, but she’s having too much fun for that! I don’t think it is as the strange buildings around us look different to anywhere else I’d been.

Then suddenly we’re surrounded by hostile people demanding we leave or else! Then one guy who has been painfully disfigured warns that we better leave quickly and go to Oxford. That we can follow the robot!

The robot turns out to be small and cute and yes we follow it. We’re in another area now with pretty residential houses and we watch a family leave one of the houses and then the robot leads us to its front door.

Inside it looks like an office with a few nerdy looking guys working. They’re not surprised to see us, but feel jealous that we’ve been sucked into a game! They chat with my husband and son about video games for a while until I say I’ve had enough and I really just want to go home.

They nod sagely and then I woke up!

I hope you enjoyed my crazy dream!

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