Puzzler’s Wednesday – Meet Hasslethymi

Over on my puzzle blog, it’s Puzzler’s Wednesday!

Paws 4 Puzzles

Welcome back to Puzzler’s Wednesday. Today we have a special treat. Meet British cryptic crossword setter, Ashley Smith AKA Hasslethymi. Ashley recently released his new collection of 100 Cryptic crosswords that you can pick up for just £2.50  from his website.


  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, Ashley?

I currently teach English to Grade 7 & 8 students in Cambridge, UK, where I also studied for a Modern Languages degree in the 1990s. I’ve just moved to an old cottage on top of a hill in Shropshire, 150 miles away, however. This will make my weekly commute interesting during the autumn. From Christmas, though, I am a free agent and, unless I can make my living out of crosswords, tutoring and e-learning resources, I’ll be looking for work nearer to home in the New Year.   


  1. How did you choose your puzzler name, Hasslethymi?

Hasslethymi is just an anagram of…

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