Confessions of an Adverb Junkie

Nice blog post about adverbs from my writing buddy, Patrick Hodges.

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Confessions of an Adverb Junkie

by Patrick Hodges

Hello. My name is Patrick, and I am an adverb junkie.

(Everyone: Hi, Patrick! We warmly welcome you openly!)

I’m an emotional guy, and I write the same way. I am of the firm belief that every spoken word, every action, needs to have some kind of emotion (even if it’s a lack of emotion – ponder THAT) attached to it. A person can’t just knock on a door; they have to “rap loudly and purposefully” on it. A person can’t just nod their head, they have to “nod slowly.”

I’ve been told repeatedly (there I go again…) that I am overly dependent on adverbs. And it’s taken me some time to realize that the criticism is accurate. This new awareness is like being wakened from a really pleasant dream by having a bucket of ice water dumped over your head.

waking with water


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