Griddlebone on the Radio


The werecat padded silently across the cobbles of the dark Vienna street. It was deserted now, but soon Griddlebone knew it would be filled with bootsteps and cries, gunshots and blood. They were slated to come at dawn, to cleanse this last Jewish neighborhood of its vermin, so that the proper folk of Vienna could finally live Judenfrei.

Inside the darkened houses the residents huddled in fear. The news of the transport had only come hours before and some still couldn’t believe it. They had been fooling themselves for months, believing that this one insignificant street could survive in its own little bubble, that somehow God would protect them.

They readied themselves with what little valuables they had left. Maybe they could still bribe the Nazi soldiers, maybe there was still a way out. The werecat flexed his claws as he waited in the shadows. Griddlebone wished he could rescue them all, but his orders were clear, he could only take one.

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