Introducing Adriel Reed


Today on Paws4Thought we welcome Shades of Fear author Adriel Reed. Tell us a little bit about yourself, Adriel.

 I have been in love with storytelling since I was a young boy. Science fiction is my passion, but I only started allowing it to blossom in 2009, my junior year in college. Since then, I’ve been working non-stop to improve my craft. It is an amazing experience, creating a story and building reality on top of it.


How did you get involved with Shades of Fear?

I was involved with the “Write On Nanos” group on Facebook when the anthology was pitched to the group. Fear is not my style, but All of Life is a Game came to me very quickly. I jumped in as soon as possible and was honored to discover my name among the accepted entries.


Who are your favorite authors?

Ray Bradbury, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, George Orwell. I’m a big fan of the classic science fiction and fantasy, the writing that broke the mold and forged the path for our generation of storytellers.


Tell us a bit about your story All of Life is a Game?

This short story came to me while I was playing League of Legends. The game was unrelated, but I thought about how video games, like other stories, unlock worlds. The thought expanded. Like books or television, it would be simple to move between the different worlds. What if that video game experience went wrong? What if things became terrifying in a game and you couldn’t get out? That’s what inspired the story.


Are you a gamer? What is your current and all-time favorite video game?

I am a gamer, not only video games, but board games, RPG, sports, and all sorts of games. My favorite all-time video RPG is Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is an incredible adventure that can take hundreds, maybe thousands of hours.


If you could create your own virtual reality world (like the holodeck in Star Trek or maybe Better Than Life in Red Dwarf), what would be in it?

My family and a rocket ship, and as many different planets as there could possibly be. Life’s an adventure. I enjoy running, and all the open space that running provides. Open spaces and open skies are all I need.


What are your own greatest fears and how do you deal with them?

My greatest fear is putting all the effort into this work and wasting time. I’m so passionate about what I do, I’m terrified it’d all be a waste. That’s why I pour my heart into every writing and every advertisement.


Tell us about Reed It Studios?

Reed It Studios is an online entertainment company. My plan for the company is to offer publication for science fiction and fantasy short stories and novels. In addition, Reed It Studios will be involved in filming short films and movies. We are about creating great stories in every media.


So what’s next? What are you currently working on?

My current project is a long story of a church in space. There is great focus on redemption as well as a first attempt at a secret agent type life. The working title is Temple Star.


How can readers connect with you?

Readers can contact me on my website (, through email (, on Facebook (, Twitter (, or YouTube (



Say Howdy to Stance Bingham

Stance Bingham

Today on Paws4Thought I am happy to welcome Shades of Fear author and radio presenter Stance Bingham. Tell us a little bit about yourself Stance.

I was born in the Mississippi Delta in Greenwood. My father is a retired highway patrolman. I played trombone in the Greenwood High School band and won every award that was available. I was also placed in the International High School Hall of Fame.

I was the Louisiana State Director for the International Tae Kwon Do Federation (3rd Degree) for a number of years as a much younger man. I was also a 1st degree in Tang Soo Do. All of my black belts come from J.C. Penny these days.

I had a twin brother, Stanley, who passed away in 2002. We had bands together through grade school until his passing. I was his bass player. He was a great guitarist. I started doing radio in high school and have continued in broadcasting till this day. I am currently on the air on the MS Gulf Coast.

How did you get involved with Shades of Fear?

One of the other Shades of Fear authors, Roxanna Mitchell, and I became friends over Facebook. She was writing a story about the Gulf Coast and wanted some info on the people and places here and got in touch with me. I told her of a story I had been writing for a number of years and she encouraged me finish it. Through her I met Dara and the rest is history. I am very thankful and amazed they wanted me to be a part of such a wonderful project.

Who are your favorite authors?

That’s a very hard question. I wasn’t into reading like a lot of my peers here. I read what was required by school or a lot of current event stuff for my job. I was more into the music scene than writing. This story just came to me and I wanted to put it down on paper. I wrote it like I would see it in a movie. I did read a very famous Mississippi author once and to be honest I didn’t enjoy his writing very much. I did enjoy William Faulkner as a young person.

Tell us a bit about your story Repeater Offender: A Fictional?

It’s about a man that, through a series of events in his life, goes to prison in the Mississippi Delta in the late 40’s and the things he experiences there. The story has evolved quite a bit since Shades of Fear. My Shades story was a series of early excerpts from the first draft. The final book is currently being edited by Dara Rochlin and should be ready for publication sometime in the next few weeks.

I am really happy with the turns and twist that developed during its writing. This is my first attempt at writing and I can see how people get hooked on it. It’s fun to see how things progress during the writing process. It also very amazing to see what comes out of one’s own imagination and through one’s own life experiences.

What kind of research did you do for your story?

All of my writing for this book came from a combination of my imagination and things I learned as a young man through my father. He was interim warden at Parchman (Mississippi State Penitentiary) a few times during his career and he told me many stories from that period.

Tell me a little more about your radio show.

I am the afternoon radio personality for K99 Country in Biloxi, MS. I am also the Music Director here and work with the record companies and their labels. I am on from 3 to 7pm. You can hear me at or on IHeart Radio.

 What are your own greatest fears and how do you deal with them?

My biggest fear is heights. I don’t like to get any higher than my deer stand. I force myself to hold it together when I have to fly. I only fly when it is essential.

What do you like to do to relax?

I love to fish the gulf and hunt. Deer hunting is my favorite, but I will hunt almost anything.

Who are your favorite bands and musical artists?

I love everything from Abba to Zappa. My favorites are Gino Vannelli, Steely Dan, Yes, Chicago, The Doobie Brothers, Keith Urban, Marc Broussard, Blackjack Billy, and a guy down here named Brandon Green who is one of the most incredible songwriters and vocalist I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I love to sit at home and play my bass along with all of their songs. I have written a few songs myself, mostly instrumental.

What are you currently working on?

I am developing a couple of other stories. Through my first story I have learned the importance of setting up a framework to write by. A timeline if you will… It’s all in progress, but more crime/action fiction.

Connect with Stance on Facebook.

And check out Stance on the radio on K99 Country.

Pick up your copy of Shades of Fear from Amazon today. All proceeds go to pediatric cancer research and treatment.



Meet Kerry E.B. Black


Today on Paws4Thought I continue our series of Shades of Fear interviews with author Kerry E.B. Black.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Kerry. 

I live in a little town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a little sunshiny house stuffed with a very funny spouse, amazing kids, two dogs, a soft cat, and two fish. The house is too small for all of us, but it is ours.

I come from a line of talented storytellers. My mom remains an inspiration. She tells amazing tales.

How did you get involved with Shades of Fear?

I am honored to have a story included in the anthology! Such an exciting project! Dara, Tom, and Desiree put in a tremendous amount of work to create the book.

Who are your favorite authors?  

Good heavens, there are so many! I am an eclectic reader. If I have to choose but one author, though, I adore Neil Gaiman.

Tell us a bit about your story Each Uisage?

Mythology fascinates me, and the imaginations of our ancestors offer such amazing terrors. Some tales are told as caution, a way to control exuberant youth, but I often wonder, what if these creatures still walk among us? If we forget the aged tales, if we lose our ancient skills, then we leave ourselves susceptible through our “superior knowledge,” our lack of superstition. In that case, what is missing is understanding, which leads to vulnerability.

Did you do any research for your story?

Of course!

What inspires you to write?

Writing is a way of being. It is a necessary creative expression and a skill to be honed. I enjoy the work. What inspires my stories? All manner of things inspire my stories. Some spring from my unhealthy array of fears. Others come from personal experiences and observations. I love to share my take on the world. I hope that readers like what I see.

What are your greatest fears and how do you deal with them?

I have many fears. Most of them center around the health and success of my five children.

When did you first start writing?

My first stories were written for underclassmen at my elementary school. I illustrated and wrote stories, bound them on oversized pages, and presented them. I was ten I think when I started these undertakings. Writing has nearly always been a part of my life. I write short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. I’ve published creative non-fiction and journalistic pieces as well. It is my dearest desire that my stories find homes within the imaginations of my readers.

What do you like to do to relax?

Reading, of course, or spending time with my family and friends. My life is quite hectic, so sometimes stealing a few moments for a hot cup of tea is the best that can be managed. I paint or sketch sometimes, too.

What are you currently working on?

Improving my writing skills is a huge goal. I write daily (with rare exceptions), and it is my hope that from these endeavors, something will inspire a publisher and readers.

How can readers connect with you?

I have a Twitter account (KerryBlack@BlackKerryblick), Goodreads author’s page, and WordPress Blog (



Introducing Krista Redmayne


Today on Paws4Puzzles we continue our Shades of Fear interview series with up and coming author Krista Redmayne.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself Krista.         Something a bit ironic about me is that writing was not my first love.  My first passion was music.  But, like what happens sometimes in real affairs of the heart, my relationship with music became too painful.  I found I could not take criticism of my voice gracefully at all, even when well-meant and fully earned.  While I had always written and told stories to friends and family I had not considered writing as a possible profession, much less true calling.  I knew I loved to read; I loved the adventures I would take in the pages of a book.  My first girlhood crush was on Atticus Finch from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.  The idea of my writing an adventure for others to read had just never occurred to me. Again, like any good relationship, it took time and work and commitment for my love of writing to dawn.  My bond to writing stories was like that best friend that you take for granted, a best friend that you always love to have around and who makes you smile just to think of them, and who has always been there when you need them.  I realized I was truly happy when I wrote.  Now I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.

2. How did you get involved with Shades of Fear?           I am currently a graduate student at Southern New Hampshire University working on a MA in English and Creative Writing.  I have been fortunate to meet many talented writers in this program and among them are some of the writers for Shades of Fear.  Desiree Scott very kindly extended me an invitation to join the group, and I have to say it was one of the best things that have ever happened to me.  The support and camaraderie of my fellow writers has inspired me.  It is an incredible group filled with smart, funny and caring people and I couldn’t ask for a better group to work with. 

3. Who are your favorite authors?           Wow, that is an amazingly difficult question.  I have had a passion for books from when I was quite small.  I remember being maybe three or four years old and sitting down in our living room to listen to my mother read aloud.   She read books like Rudyard Kipling’s Kim and Nathanial Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter along with Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.  We didn’t even own a television until I was seven or eight year old.  Books were my entertainment.    I love someone from every genre, from the Bronte sisters to Cormac McCarthy, from Tolkien to Asimov from Janet Evanovich to Jane Austen and from Stephen King to Edgar Allen Poe.  I do have a special place in my heart for Oscar Wilde.

4. Tell us a bit about your story The Collaboration: A Gothic Tale?           This story was inspired by my love of the ambiguous gothic.  I do love a good scratch your head and wonder “what the heck,” moment.   I hope to create a bit of that for my readers with this story.

5. What inspired this story?        Honestly what started this story brewing in my brain was a project I am involved in – a nonfiction collaboration on a woman named Sylvia Norris.  It occurred to me that with two or more writers working on the same project together there is an exponential building of imagination, and while this is normally a positive, I wondered what would happen if something went wrong… something  unknown, or evil entered the writers partnership? 

6. Do you know what happened next? What do you think was in the cellar?       It might seem counter intuitive, considering it is my brain child, but I don’t know.  I don’t want to know.  I want there to be quality of the surreal, the uncanny.  I want to ask the question, are there things on this earth that are unfathomable.

7. Are you planning on continuing this story?     I am glad you asked this question.  I have already worked further on this story.  Don’t get me wrong, I like it just the way it was, but I am still working on it, tweaking it.  I am just that way with my stories.  I never feel that they are completely done.

8. If someone offered you the chance to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?       Oh yes! My older son and I plan    to take a road trip across the US and visit the most haunted areas in each state we pass through.  This is something we have been planning for about two years now.  It will take a bit to save the money but it is ON!

9. Have you ever co-written a story – how do you think the process differs from writing by yourself?       I am currently working on a nonfiction project, the one I mentioned earlier about Sylvia Norris, and it is a collaboration between myself and another writer.  Sylvia was a photographer with the Hollywood Foreign Press for many years.  She was one of the first women photographers who worked for Playgirl and she had a long and amazing career, particularly for a woman of that generation.   Working with another writer has its challenges.  Just finding time in both of our schedules is often difficult, but the ability to bounce ideas off each other and the excitement that builds as we get into the research is worth it.

10. What are your greatest fears and how do you deal with them?        The thought of something tragic happening to one of my children is, without a doubt, my biggest fear.  It is one of the reasons that the characters in my story all have their own issues with children or, in Edward’s case, issues with childhood.   I am a bit too much like Edward in that I can obsess about the things that could be wrong.  I often have to take a moment and remind myself that worrying about something that may or may not happen is a waste of time and energy.

11. What are you working on now?        I am like quite a few other authors I have met, in that I can’t seem to just have one project going.  New Stories, older stories, are constant companions that hang around in my brain.  I am, as of THIS moment, working on a fiction novel told in short stories, the Sylvia project and two flash fiction stories.  This may change two minutes from now when the idea for a story about a time warp where everything that has been written in the past is corrupted comes to mind… (hmm, actually, that could work…)

12. Tell us a little about your writer’s group – AV Pen 2 Paper.     It is often said that writing is a solitary practice, which, for the most part is true.  However writers, I think, crave the company of other writers, other philosophers and creative minds in general.  Because my classes for creative writing were all online I was feeling cut off from that kind of interaction.  I started e-mailing and Facebook messaging other people who were in Antelope Valley who I knew had at least thought about writing. I wanted to see if they might enjoy getting together and critiquing each other’s work.  It started small, just three of us, but before our first meeting it had already gotten out that we were planning AV Pen 2 Paper and it just grew.  It has been a great way to practice the art of writing.

13. How can readers connect with you?      I admit I am a bit behind on the social networking that is mandatory if one wants to be an author.  I don’t have a blog of my own as yet and I still need to start a twitter account and author page on Facebook.  However I do have an e-mail account should anyone like to connect with me.


Introducing T. D. Harvey


Today on Paws4Thought I’m happy to welcome Shades of Fear author T.D. Harvey. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is T. D. Harvey, but you can call me Tee. I live in Hampshire, which is on the south coast of England. I’ve been writing all my life, but in spring 2013, I decided to get serious. Since then I have had three stories published and have many more scheduled for this year. My writing is generally dark fiction, but can go in any direction. I am a discovery writer. I make no plans, nor do I plot my characters’ journeys. I simply sit at the keyboard and write. It’s a wonderful experience, but it makes editing a nightmare.

My writing time is limited. I work full time as a Business Analyst—a job I very much enjoy. However, my dream is to drop my hours and concentrate more on my writing, perhaps even write full time. I also have to make room for my chronic pain condition, Fibromyalgia, that can make me too ill to write. So, I scribble at every opportunity; in my lunch break, whilst waiting for a doctor’s appointment, when I am unable to rest at night and when my partner is out of the house and I have some peace and quiet.

How did you get involved with Shades of Fear?

I am a member of the Facebook group Write-On Nanos, having signed up for NaNoWriMo last year. When the idea for this anthology was floated, I couldn’t resist getting involved. There’s a wonderfully eclectic mix of writers in the group and I am excited to be published alongside them.

Who are your favorite authors?

My favourite authors are varied.

Mark Tufo (Zombie Fallout series) is a fabulous storyteller and an inspiration for Indie writers. He has built a loyal fan base by developing a relationship with his readers. He’s someone an aspiring Indie writer can learn from.

Tell us a bit about your story Hunting Season?

Hunting Season is set in a disused Royal Air Force airfield. My protagonist, Emma Grainger, wakes to find herself bound and in total darkness. She has to find her way to safety and figure out why she has been kidnapped, and by whom. For me, fear is about feeling unsafe in a place of safety, or in this case, being put into a situation that you don’t understand and cannot find an easy way out of.

What inspires you to write?

Life, the universe and everything. I was recently driving to work and a single word inspired me to write a story the moment I stopped the car. I keep pens and pads with me at all times because I never know what will trigger a new idea.

If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be?

William Shakespeare. I have loved his plays since I was in school. He was a tremendous study of the human condition and that enabled him to write timeless stories.

What are your own greatest fears and how do you deal with them?

I suffer from a chronic illness that severely affects my ability to live a normal life. Many of my fears stem from my physical inability to do things. However, I’m no quitter and will always find a way to work through my fear—even if it takes me a little time to manage it.

Tell us about the other anthologies you are part of?

I was first published in ‘Flash It!’ an unthemed, international flash fiction anthology. My two stories are, ‘The Story of Billy Jamieson’ and ‘Retribution’. Writing flash fiction is a great way to hone your skills as a writer. Every word must be evaluated for its relevance and cut if it comes up wanting. I love that.


In June I will be published in another unthemed anthology, ‘Anything Goes’. This is a wonderful writers’ workshop with peer editing and all authors working together to publish a fabulous collection of stories. It’s an incredible learning experience and a joy to be a part of. My story is called, ‘Harvest’.

In December I will be published in ‘Writers’ Anarchy III: Heroes and Villains’ and am very excited to be published with such a variety of talented authors. My story, ‘A Girl’s Best Friend’ isn’t your typical hero story, but is heroic nonetheless.

I am also working on stories for a fairy tale therapy anthology, dark fairy tales and fables anthology and An Anthology of Pants—which has been enormous fun in its silliness. I am also organising a charity anthology, written by sufferers, to raise money and awareness of life with Fibromyalgia.

What do you like to do to relax?

With physical activities no longer open to me, my relaxation often comes from TV, movies and audiobooks. I also have two Tonkinese cats and three tropical fish tanks. I like to grow my own vegetables too and my partner has built a greenhouse and garden on stilts so no bending down or digging for me!


We love kitties here at Paws4Thought. Tell us a little about your furry friends Tee.

This is Kai and Kike (pronounced Keekay). Kai is the creme. They’re brother and sister, 3 year old, Tonkinese. (Kai means sandy or white in Swahili and Kike means feminine in Swahili.) They are our babies! We even have cat shelves built along one side of our living room and a run in the garden.

What are you currently working on?

Aside from the anthologies I’ve mentioned, I am currently rewriting and editing my first novel, ‘Paper Dragons and Shadow Demons’. It is the dark fiction/fantasy story of a young girl with a very vivid imagination. It revolves around the things all children are afraid of—the monster under the bed—and is loosely based on my own childhood. I hope to publish by the end of 2014.

(Great title and concept. We all look forward to reading it. DMK)

How can readers connect with you?

I have a Facebook Author’s page here:

I also have a blog here:

I love to connect with my readers, and I look forward to meeting more of them. If you wish to contact me directly, my email address is


Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions Tee.

Pick up your copy of “Shades of Fear” in paperback and ebook from Amazon today.

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Welcoming Kristi Webster



Today on Paws4Thought I welcome Kristi Webster. Kristi’s story The Devil’s Man opens the Shades of Fear anthology. Tell us a little bit about yourself Kristi.

I’m 32 years old and have been married to my husband for almost 11 years.  We have two adorable kiddos.  I work part time as a graphic designer at a local boutique and also help my husband with his computer business.  We live in the great state of Oklahoma.

How did you get involved with Shades of Fear?

I was invited to the group via Facebook and have met some amazing people in the process!

Who are your favorite authors?

Growing up, my favorite authors were R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike.  As I matured, so did my reading tastes and I started reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Later, I tried out some romance novels and was hooked.  It’s mostly been romance and erotica ever since.  My two favorite authors in that genre are Ella Fox and Pepper Winters, both of which I’ve come to know on a personal level as well.

Tell us a bit about your story The Devil’s Man?

The Devil’s Man was based upon memories of a very terrible time in my life.  My mother married a man that hurt our family in unimaginable ways.  It was terrifying and stressful during those years, a very dark time for me.  The Devil’s Man gives readers a brief glimpse into what I went through during that time, which was physical and emotional abuse.  Thankfully, we were able to leave that situation and have been happy in Oklahoma ever since.  When I wrote that piece, it gutted me to have to relive those painful memories.  After I completed the edits from the story, I had to put it away because every time I read back through it, my heart would pump like crazy and my anxiety was about to go through the roof!  While it might not seem like a very fearful story to most, it was the worst fear I have ever known.

(I applaud your courage to write about such a difficult subject.  DMK)

What inspires you to write?

I have all of these story ideas that swirl around in my head.  If I had more time and I could type faster, I would just sit at my computer all day long so I could release them.  My biggest inspiration to write is while I’m reading.  While in the middle of a great story, I can’t wait to hurry and get back to my own! 

When did you first start writing?

I first started writing the first part of November in 2013.  A friend gave me a little push and I’ve not stopped running since. 

What do you like to do to relax?

A relaxing time for me is to sit in my recliner and drink coffee with my three year old wedged in beside me.  She watches SpongeBob while I write steamy loves scenes on the laptop or read them on my Kindle.  That’s pretty much how every Saturday is spent. 

What are you currently working on?

I’ve got a load of projects I’m working on.  I just sent out ARCs of my second novel in the Breaking the Rules Series called Wrong and am completing the writing of the third, Scarred.  I’m also doing a final read through on my country novella, Rock Country, which will join 11 other stories in a box set called Southern Seduction that will be released in April.  I’ve got another finished standalone novel that should come out in May.  And, finally, I’m working on another standalone novel to release in June.  Each of these projects is in the romantic erotica genre.    

How can readers connect with you?

I’m somewhat of a social media nut.  I breathe social media.  Readers can find me (ALL THE TIME) at:


Twitter:  @KristiWebster


Instagram:  @KristiWebster


Introducing Tom Deady


Today on Paws4Thought I’m happy to introduce Tom Deady. Tom helped to put together the charity anthology Shades of Fear and has a story The Beginning of the End in the collection. Tell us a little bit about yourself Tom.

Sure. I have two beautiful daughters from my first marriage. One is a college senior, the other a                nurse at a Navajo reservation in Arizona. My second wife has two young boys that keep us busy. Kind of a little Brady Bunch thing there, I guess. I’m an IT Manager at a nearby hospital by day, writer at night. I guess that’s a familiar story. One job to pay the bills, one to fulfill your passion.

How did you get involved with Shades of Fear?

I’m in the Master’s program at SNHU and last fall I saw a Facebook page was created for people in the English/Creative Writing major, so I joined. A short time later a few of the people talked about trying NaNoWriMo, so I jumped on board. During the blur that was November, Desiree Scott mentioned it on Facebook and things just took off from there. The response was amazing and the quality of the work makes me honored to be a part of it.

Who are your favorite authors?

Stephen King, Stephen King and Stephen King. He just continues to amaze me, his entire career has been one incredible story after another. Dan Simmons, Robert McCammon, Jennifer McMahon are a few others. Dean Koontz’s old stuff was very good. Did I mention Stephen King?

Tell us a bit about your story The Beginning of the End?

I have a very unorthodox style of creating a novel. I have ideas, sometimes just little glimmers of an event or a character and I just write. Barry Finn is a great example of that. I had an idea of one of the survivors who is a “good guy” with a not-so-good past. His character really grabbed me, just took over the keyboard and told his story.

So we all want to know, what’s going to happen next. When are we likely to find out?

Well, I hope I wasn’t too subtle in the excerpt. Spoiler alert – the world ends! The world as we know it, anyway. Finn and a handful of survivors are left and the novel is really their story, how and why they survived. It’s very character-driven and I have so much material it is going to be multiple books. I plan to self-publish the first book within the next few months.

What have you learnt most from helping to put together this anthology?

Wow, where do I begin? The biggest thing is probably getting to know the self-publishing world a little better. Writing is the easy part! Getting the manuscript formatted properly and making it available is part art, part science. I’m glad Des and Dara were doing all the heavy lifting.

What are your own greatest fears and how do you deal with them?

I just turned fifty (Me too, all the best folk turned 50 in the last year! DMK) and it sounds so old. I guess mortality is everybody’s fear. But honestly, something happening to one of my kids is my greatest fear. As a parent, it’s just something you learn to live with. I thought it would get easier when they got older, but the worrying never stops. As far as facing the other million fears…I write about them of course.

Tell us about your novel Haven?

I think Haven will always be my baby. It was written in fits and starts over a fifteen year period and I know it sounds cliché, but I poured my heart and soul into that story. It’s about childhood and redemption and the good and bad in everyone. Oh, and of course it has a great monster. I really would love to see it published in the traditional sense and be properly marketed. Of course, I have ideas already for a sequel.

What do you like to do to relax?

I guess the obvious answers are read and write, but I’m also a runner. I ran three marathons last year, if you include Boston. I was half a mile from the finish line when the bombs went off. It still doesn’t seem real. Anyway, I will probably run two or three this year. I get a lot of ideas and sort through plot developments issues when I’m running.

What are currently working on?

I’m finishing up the novel that contains The Beginning of the End. Although the story won’t be finished, this could end up being a trilogy. After that, I have fifty thousand words of another novel that I wrote during NaNoWriMo and I’m sure there will be more anthologies.

How can readers connect with you?

My author web site is where I host my blog. I also have a blog in my “baseball persona” that I’ve been doing since 2004, I have an author page on Facebook and my Twitter handle is @DeadyTom. I guess I’m pretty reachable for all you agents and publishers trying to find me.