To Joey – Stay Curious!


Last Saturday my son Joey had his Bar Mitzvah – a culmination of years of preparation. He did amazingly and I’m so proud of him.

As some of you may know Joey is the inspiration behind the animagus kangaroo character in P.A.W.S., so I thought it might be fun to share with you the speech I made at the ceremony.

Speech – Debbie Manber Kupfer – Joey’s Bar Mitzvah, May 14. 2016

Nearly 14 years ago I said hello to you for the first time, Joey. You spent the first months of your life sitting in my pouch watching the world go by, much like a baby kangaroo.

Ever curious, ever bouncy, you grew into the young man you are today, towering over me (though inside, of course you’re still my baby).

I’m so proud of you, Joey. You work so hard, you care so much. You never take on anything without putting your whole soul into it. Whether it’s working on a new creation in Minecraft, writing a story, creating a new puzzle, rehearsing for show choir, and of course the months of work you’ve put into preparing for this Bar Mitzvah.

Four years ago when I was writing P.A.W.S. we spent a day together in the St. Louis Zoo. I told you the whole story and you listened, absorbing all the details while together we created your character in the book. Joey Marks, the Australian animagus exchange student can change into a kangaroo (which I don’t think you can do yet, though you do like to bounce around!) But apart from that little detail he shares so many of your characteristics. He’s smart, curious, bouncy, enthusiastic. He loves board games, magic tricks, and puzzles. And he’s always ready for the next adventure. Just like you!

So, as you get ready for the next adventure Joey, remember to slow down a little, occasionally. Stop, look around you. Observe and above all stay curious and watch for the magic; it’s out there!


Joey is the co-author of Paws 4 Logic – a collection of puzzles suitable for all of ages.


Free Watermelons,Blog radio, and other stuff!

Hey folks I’ve got a bunch of stuff to tell you about today.

Firstly starting today and through to the 26th, Will There Be Watermelons on Mars? will be free on Kindle. Here’s your chance to pick up a copy and if you do please leave a review on Amazon.

Will There Be Watermelons on Mars FREE-

Number 2 – tomorrow (Friday) I’m going be on the radio show

The Speculative Fiction Cantina

Follow the link for details about the show that will air at 6:00 pm ET and you can set a reminder on your calendar to listen in. During the show I’ll be reading my prologue from P.A.W.S.

Number 3 – over on my puzzle blog I’m running a contest – the winner will pick up a PDF copy of Paws 4 Logic. Check it out. Also if you’d like a paperback of Paws 4 Logic Amazon are currently discounted it to just $5.99 (that’s the lowest price it’s ever been and I have no idea how long it will stay that way, so pick it up before it goes back up!)


And finally – have you got your copy of Alistair yet? This is the first in a series of three P.A.W.S. tales I’ll be releasing in the next few months. Come by on Feb 1st for the cover reveal of the second story, Ramora.


Happy reading and puzzling, Debbie 🙂


Evil Tegs, Puzzling Puzzles, and Assorted April Stuff


Whoa, we’re half way through April already. April’s a busy month for me.

This April I’ve set myself TWO challenges. I’m doing both Camp NaNoWriMo and over on my puzzle blog I’m Blogging from A to Z.  Plus tomorrow I’m going to be on Changes with Sally Ember talking all things bookish and puzzly.

Pleased to report the writing part is going well. So far each day in April I’ve completed my assigned one thousand words. I try to write them in the morning before turning on my internet. That way I don’t get distracted. Here’s a little excerpt from today’s writing. Max is reuniting with a certain evil Teg – we know that’s unlikely to go well.


Anyway Stella knew you’d be hungry. She picked these berries just for you. Don’t they smell scrumptious? They are rich and juicy. Won’t you try one?”

“No, I’m not hungry,” lied Max.

“Stella’s sorry, did she not make it clear? If you want to leave this room and see your darling Celia you must eat. The choice is simple. Eat a berry or stay here in this room until you die.”

“You’re bluffing Stella. Gromer told me. You don’t age in the shadow world, so I would never die.”

“Oh I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Stella and her sister have some interesting ways of disposing of their guests when they are no longer useful. Interesting and painful ways … and entertaining too. It gets so boring down here, nothing like a little bit of torture to relieve the monotony.”

Max gulped.

“So what will it be? Eat a berry … or die? And certainly if you choose the second option I can make your demise particularly interesting and rather painful. Won’t that be fun … for me?”

Want to read more about the Teg? Pick up a copy of Argentum today!

Now the puzzly part. Over on my puzzle blog is L day and L of course is for Logic problems. You can download a sample from Paws 4 Logic AND all this month both the paperback and kindle versions are on sale – Just 6.99 for the paperback or $2.99 for the kindle.


And finally there’s Changes – watch tomorrow morning when I meet with Sally Ember via Google Hangouts and Youtube. Who knows where the conversation my lead!

Happy April Folks!