A Rocket and a Raspberry – Blogging from A to Z


Hi Everyone,

Adana here and we’ve finally reached the Letter R.

Today I’m going to introduce to two awesome picture books.

First up here’s THE ROCKET THAT FLEW TO MARS written and illustrated by Audrey Sauble.


A rocket, a robot, and the beginnings of a Mars colony…

A long time ago, in the house that Jack built, a rat ate the malt, a cat chased the rat, and a dog, a cow, and a maiden all-forlorn came by for a visit.

Now, on a red planet near our own, a truck builds a house, pressurized by an air system powered by a solar array and maintained by a robot…but space exploration comes with a few surprises.

This picture book is a fun STEM / science story for preschoolers and early readers. Through this space-age nursery rhyme, children can discover how life on Mars might, possibly, come to be—when The Rocket Flew to Mars.

Pick up your copy in Kindle, Hardcover or Paperback on Amazon.

Next up meet RASPBERRY SASSAFRASS by Allison Holland a story of a cow that moves to the city!


The first book in this series introduces the reader to Raspberry Sassafras, a cow who moves from the farm to a high-rise apartment with her friend Jane, and learns to adjust to life in the big city. At the same time, Jane discovers that her friend Raspberry is far from being an ordinary cow.

Pick up your copy today in Kindle or paperback.

That’s all for today,

See you tomorrow,