K is for Kitty and Susie


“Meow – my name’s Kitty. I’m a brown tabby.”

“And my name’s Susie. I’m a black and white cat. As you can see we are both very beautiful.”

“Up until recently we lived in a small apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan with Miri Katz and her omama, Celia.”

“Celia made us wonderful food – tender chicken, white fish and goulash stews. We were never hungry and certainly never ate any of that icky ‘cat food’.”

“Unfortunately Celia passed away and we were pushed out onto the street by a horrible woman in high heels and a fur jacket.”

“But as luck would have it we were taken in the next day by Miri’s neighbor and friend, Jenny. We still miss Miri of course, as does Jenny and wonder if she ever thinks about us.”


C is for Celia


“Hello my name is Celia. I was born in Vienna in a small apartment in a street called Grosse Spielgasse. I lived there with my mother, Miriam, my father, David, my big brother Issel, my baby sister, Sara, and my cat, Max.

On my tenth birthday the Nazis came and took away my family. Just before they came my mother gave me her necklace with the silver cat charm on it. I didn’t know it at the time but the charm contained a special magic that had been passed on through the generations. That day the charm saved my life and it was the first day I took my cat form – a grey cat with green eyes. Aren’t I beautiful?

You can read more of my story in Umbrae.”