T is for Tessa


“Hi everybody. My name is Tessa and I live at the P.A.W.S. Institute of the Midwest. I came to P.A.W.S. when I was eleven years old. I’ve had magic ever since I was small and my parents felt it was important for me to learn to control it.

When I first got to P.A.W.S. I sat down in the library with the librarian, Cedric Ainsworth, Senior. He’s an animagus owl. He had this huge tome listing every creature you could imagine. I looked at them all and was overwhelmed. How would I ever choose?

Turns out I don’t have to. While most animagi can only change into one creature, there’s one exception. Animagi who choose to become birds can learn to change their forms to fit the situation. I’d always wanted to be able to fly, so a bird was perfect.

To begin with I chose small birds, robins and sparrows mostly. But one day while I was hanging out in the Jewel Box and looking at all the pretty colors  I decided that I wanted one bird form that was just for fun that I would only turn into when I was in the Jewel Box. I chose the toucan and it’s my favorite form by far. When I have a spare moment I come to Jewel Box , fly up into the foliage, and change into my toucan form.

So if you’re ever in Forest Park come look through the windows of the Jewel Box. You never know, you might just see a toucan. And if you do, give me a wave!”


More P.A.W.S. characters beginning with T:

Tadd –Quentin’s childhood friend when he was an apprentice to Merlin.

Theo Ashford –Animagus squirrel and student at St. Louis P.A.W.S. Friend of Joey.

Q is for Quentin Frakes


“Hello, my name is Quentin and I am a magician, alchemist and shapeshifter. I was born a long time ago in Cheshire, England. I grew up with the young King Arthur and was an apprentice of the great magician, Merlin.

It was Merlin who fashioned the silver charm that I wear around my neck. The charm is imbued with a fragment of my soul and allows me to take the form of any bird. I choose whichever is the most practical from hawks and eagles, to seagulls and swallows.

I have lived in many places around the globe including Vienna, Wales, and New York, though currently I reside at the P.A.W.S. Institute of the Midwest in St. Louis.”


More P.A.W.S. characters beginning with Q:

Qingo – Octopus who lives in his garden in the watery part of Umbrae. Plays mean drums and an even wilier game of Aquarian Chess.

J is for Joey Marks


“G’day everyone! I’m so happy to be here today! I’m Joey Marks and when I’m not a kid, I’m a kangaroo! Isn’t that cool? I come from Australia and attended the P.A.W.S. Institute of the Outback. It’s there that I perfected my animagus form.

Then one day my teacher Wemberly (he’s a wombat) suggested I try this contest and guess what, I won. The prize was a scholarship to the P.A.W.S. Institute of the Midwest in St. Louis, MO in the USA. I was so excited to come here and have loads of friends – there’s Sean, (he’s a shapeshifter horse) and Theo (he’s an animagus squirrel).

When I’m not in my classes I like playing board games, making puzzles, and learning magic tricks. There’s this clown that hangs out in Forest Park sometimes, the Great Bobbert and he’s been teaching me.

Please come visit me at the P.A.W.S. Institute of the Midwest and check out my interview from the Umbrae blog tour.


Other P.A.W.S. characters beginning with I and J:

Ian – A chimp animagus who lives in St. Louis Zoo in a luxury enclosure in the old monkey house. He acts as a liaison between P.A.W.S. and the zoo residents and is very fond of bananas and monkey jokes.

Jacob – Werecat who was trapped in Umbrae and then returned to the upside world by Griddlebone to be a friend for Finny. Mottled grey. Grandson of Esther.

Jamie Barnes – A young werewolf, originally from Alistair’s pack. Fled after his death to Indianapolis where he lived on the streets until he decided to move on eastwards. He ended up at New York P.A.W.S. after he was friended by Chester.

Jenna Wynn – One of the few female members of Alistair’s pack. Small and shy. Was brought originally to the packhouse by her brother, Ryan. 

Jenetta Bones – Andrew’s mother, who had a dalliance with Alistair.

Jenny Daniels – Miri’s childhood friend in the Lower East Side who lived in the apartment below hers.

Jeremiah Bumsqueak – Beatrice Bumsqueak’s brother. Healer at NY P.A.W.S.

Jessamyn – Head of the Midwest Institute of P.A.W.S. A powerful magician of Illusion. She has bright red hair and emerald eyes and takes on the forms of various birds, though her favorite is the eagle. She originally flew from Ireland with Quentin when she was just thirteen years old.

Jillian Daniels – Jenny’s mother.

Jonathan Daniels – Jenny’s father. Has a fondness for old horror movies.

Jorge Delgado – Alpha of the Central Park Zoo pack. Scraggy tan wolf.

Jonas – Large black wolf (not a werewolf) that lives with the St. Louis Zoo wolf pack.

Josh Sinclair – Werewolf, mentor and friend to Miri. Josh was first turned by Alistair at the age of nine. He was rescued by Gerard Schwarz who became his mentor at P.A.W.S. A solid reliable force at P.A.W.S. Josh divides his time between the Institute and the zoo pack.

Josie – Animagus bird student at St. Louis P.A.W.S. that came from the P.A.W.S. Institute of California.