New Release – Esmeralda’s Chanukah – Order Form

Order your signed copy of Esmeralda’s Chanukah today. Note because of the extremely early dates of Chanukah this year I cannot guarantee at this stage that the books will arrive before the holiday but all being well with the post office you should receive your books before the end of Chanukah. Once I have a precise shipping date I will let you know.

It’s the first night of Chanukah and Esmeralda and her friends have an very important task to complete before sundown. They need to make enough yummy latkes for all the flower fairies in the garden. There’s no time to waste. Can they succeed before it’s time to light the menorah?

Signed copies including shipping to anywhere in the US are $15 via Paypal

Plus as a bonus thank you all orders of Esmeralda’s Chanukah will also include a code for a free audio book recorded by the ever awesome Fiona Thraille.

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Bonus for ordering the collection Audio book codes of both Esmeralda’s Chanukah and Adana the Earth Dragon.

All prices including shipping within the US. If you live in a different country and would like to order a signed copy please message me.

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