Friday Fiction – Meet Moishe Zeikel

Happy Chanukah folks. This Friday I’m sharing a little drabble I wrote for Facebook’s Fiction Writer’s Group’s annual holiday drabble collection. You can pick up the full collection on Amazon for just 99 cents.

First a little about Moshe Zeikel. Moishe was in P.A.W.S., but was never given a name. He is the kindly old man who takes in Max and Celia when they first land in New York. Of course he thinks they are just cats that stowed onto the ship to America. So here is a scene from Max and Celia’s first Chanukah in America.


First Lights

By Debbie Manber Kupfer

Moshe Zeikel sat by the window in his one room apartment on Essex Street and waited for the sun to set. As it descended he took the blue shammas candle from its holder in the center of the menorah, lit it, and recited the prayer.

The two cats sat close by watching. The brown tabby looked over at the grey silky one with the green eyes. He put his paw on hers as they observed the old man light the Chanukah candles. They were home, he thought. Home and safe. It was time for a whole new adventure to begin.


Friday Fiction – Reindeer Games


The holidays are just around the corner. Here’s a little tale written by me and my daughter Ronni. Enjoy!

The Reindeer Games

By Debbie Manber Kupfer and Ronni Kupfer

Rudolf crouched behind the igloo waiting for his chance. He could see Blitzen in the distance on the other side of the snow bank. She was the last. Dasher and Prancer had been easy pickings. Vixen had taken longer. He had one poisonous dart left hidden in the recesses of his red, red, nose. Blitzen edged out and now Rudolf had a perfect line of sight. Pow, he sent the poison dart. It hit its target and Blitzen fell to the ground. The Reindeer Games were over. Rudolf was the Victor and he would get to guide Santa’s sleigh tonight!

Read more short fiction in Tea & Dark Chocolate, the perfect collection for the holidays.


Friday Fiction – Code Name Whiskers


Eight days out – I have successfully infiltrated the human’s living quarters and have made a discovery. The humans come and go, and yet I am forbidden to leave. I can smell the outside through the crack of fresh air in the open window.

I can smell freedom . . .

The humans put me in a cage yesterday. I yowled, but they did nothing. They transported me to some sort of medical facility. There I saw a strange furry black creature with long stretched-out ears. I made contact. I believe that with ears of that length she would make a perfect spy for our organization.

It is obvious to me now that the humans are jealous of our greater intelligence. This is why they have imprisoned us. The one they call Fluffy has been restless of late. He is careless in the toilet facility and I have had to finish his work.

The food here is minimal as you would expect from a maximum security facility. Our human guards’ food is tantalizing. Fluffy begs for scraps. I will not bow that low. Instead I wait until the humans are sleeping and see what I can scavenge. The large receptacle in the humans’ eating quarters often holds some tantalizing morsels and it pleases me to watch the humans clean up the results of my night-time raids. They glare at me as they clean, but they cannot be sure it is not Fluffy’s work and I continue grooming my fur as I watch and learn.

This is Whiskers signing out – I believe it is time for my nap.

Friday Fiction – Esmeralda Grunch and the Red Tulip

Hello folks exciting news this week from audio land. I’m just about to approve the audio book of P.A.W.S. and just hit approve on ACX for an audio version of my short story, Alistair.

The story’s narrated by a friend and talented actor, Matt Lovell and will be coming out really soon. In the meantime here’s a taste of Matt’s awesomeness, a recording of my little flash fiction, Esmeralda Grunch and the Red Tulip – enjoy!


Friday Fiction – Adam



by Debbie Manber Kupfer

Matilda looked down at her son and smiled. He was perfect, exactly as the scientists at the laboratory had said he would be. Years of infertility and futile attempts at adoption melted as she looked into his eyes. She would call him Adam as he was the first of his kind – the first of a new generation of artificial intelligence, that in the years to come would repopulate and transform the planet. Later she would deal with the hordes of paparazzi when she left the laboratory, but for now she sat in silence enjoying her first few moments of motherhood.

(This drabble was first written as part of a flash challenge earlier this week in the FB group – Daily Flash Writing Prompts! – come join us, it’s fun – and was published yesterday on the website Book Hippo.)

Friday Fiction – A Drabble


It’s been a while since I’ve posted some Friday fiction – so here’s a drabble:

Dead Set

By Debbie Manber Kupfer

I woke up feeling dead today … like I do every day, and I’ve done every day for the last 20 years and it’s boring. I’m sick of haunting this place. The living residents aren’t even scared anymore when I jump out from the TV, they just say “Hi Reggie” and “can you move away from the screen, I’m missing a good bit.”

Bloody mortals, what do they know? I saw all the good bits when I was alive. Now it’s just reruns. Maybe I should put in for a transfer. Surely the Grim Reaper will understand – or maybe, not.