Catstruck! interview – Debbie Manber Kupfer

Hi folks, I of course also have a story in this collection, an extended version of my previously published “Griddlebone”, so today I’m interviewing myself!

Interview with Debbie Manber Kupfer

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m a writer, editor, puzzle maker, cat herder, tea drinker, and fan of many things weird and wacky!

  • When did you first start writing?

When I was about eight years old I wrote a story about turning into a ladybird (ladybug) and sent it to the Puffin Post. I was thrilled when I got a mention for the story. This followed many years of dabbling in the writing arts, but it was only in 2012 after facing down breast cancer that I started to take my writing seriously. That November during NaNoWriMo I started writing P.A.W.S. and ten books later I’m still going!

  • Who are your favorite authors?

I’m an eclectic reader. Favorites include Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Cornelia Funke, Nick Hornby, D.R. Perry, R.R. Virdi, E.A. Copen, Chaim Potok, Charlie Holmberg, and Paul Gallico.

  • What inspires you to write?

Anything and everything. I’m a people watcher. I love sitting in cafes and listening into conversations, and random snippets often inspire my stories.

  • Tell us a little bit about your story in Catstruck, “Griddlebone”.

Griddlebone was a Nazi experiment, a werecat created in a laboratory to be used as a weapon. They miscalculated and Griddlebone not only escaped but joined the resistance and fought back against the Nazis. His story originally appeared in Sins of the Past and then I adored the character so much that he was written into Umbrae (P.A.W.S. 3) and has played a role in the series ever since. The version of the story that appears in Catstruck is an extended tale that includes the long anticipated meeting between Griddlebone and his granddaughter, Finny.  

  • What are you currently working on?

I’m working on book ten of my P.A.W.S. Saga. This one is called Madarak and for it P.A.W.S. members of the avian persuasion are converging on Nashville for a special bird convention. Readers will revisit some of their favorite avian shifters, such as Oswald the Ostentatious and Gordon Frakes, but also meet some new characters from the P.A.W.S. world including the President of Madarak Bird Con, Augustus Flug and his wife Margolit. All being well I plan to release Madarak on June 20th 2023 which is the tenth anniversary of when P.A.W.S. was originally released. The book is now available on preorder.

  • Do you have kitties or other pets? (Feel free to add pictures!)

Of course! I have two feline overlords. Miri (named for the character in P.A.W.S.) and Whiskey (who inspired a character in P.A.W.S.)

  • Do you have a favorite literary cat?

Whenever there is a cat in a story I am drawn to them, but my all-time favorite is probably Jennie from Paul Gallico’s book of the same name. Such a beautiful, haunting tale. I’m also very fond of the Cheshire Cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

  • How can readers connect with you?

Well you guys are already on my blog, so that’s one way! But also please join my FB group, P.A.W.S. People and sign up for my newsletter, P.A.W.S. Post.

Want to read a snippet from “Griddlebone”? Sure you do!

“Why? Why, Opapa? Why have you avoided me for all these years? And why are you finally meeting with me now?”

“I had reasons, Katzel, reasons.”

“Reasons aren’t good enough. Details, I want details. There are so many things you never told me.”

“I was embarrassed, Finny. I always felt I could do more. Could have saved them all if I hadn’t been so blind.”

“You saved me,” said Finny. “And Jacob. You saved Jacob.”

“Two cats – just two cats, Finny, and there were hundreds of werecats.”

“Tell me what happened, Opapa.”

Griddlebone looked up. There were tears in his eyes. “Where to start, though.”

“Start at the beginning.”

“You know I was the first,” said Griddlebone “– an early experiment.”

Finny nodded and Griddlebone continued.

* * *

The Germans were seeking a better soldier, a better fighting machine. They hired a scientist to help them with their work, the renowned Dr. Wechsler. He was considered a revolutionary in the field of genetics.

In his laboratory, he created mutants by blending feline genes with human. He chose the cat because it was the easiest carnivore to obtain. It was simple to take an alley cat off the streets. No one missed it, except the other cats of course, but who cared about them.

They wanted a predator, one that they could teach to kill for them, one that their enemies wouldn’t expect. But cats are fickle creatures, and intelligent too.

I woke up in that laboratory, outwardly appearing as I had been – a young man of twenty, but inwardly I could feel the change that had been wrought, could feel the new feline essence inside me. The scientist wanted a demonstration to show the Gestapo chief who was visiting that day. Yes, I decided, I would give him a demonstration.

The Gestapo chief paced in front of me.

“You say he can change?”

“Yes, sir.”

He turned to me smiling. “So let’s see it, Herr Griddlebone!”

I concentrated, understanding instinctively what to do. Inside me, I had retained the memories of the old street cat that had been used in my creation. My body contracted and I became a presumably harmless housecat – a large, grey tabby.

“Marvelous,” said the Gestapo chief, clapping his hands, “he will make a wonderful spy, but maybe not such a good fighter. You are working on others I hope. Vienna zoo is at your service; take whatever you need from there. I fancy perhaps a leopard or a tiger.”

Oh, I thought, a tiger’s what you want? I might be able to do something about that. As soon as the Nazi’s back was turned, I pounced. In the air, my body changed, quickly growing ten times my original size. My claws lengthened and sharpened into dangerous weapons and my teeth became vicious canines.

“That’s for my mother and father,” I bellowed, and I sunk my teeth into the Gestapo chief’s flesh. The rest of the Nazis in the room were cowards. They ran from me, screaming, and I had no difficulty escaping from the laboratory.

Once outside,I shrunk back down into regular cat size (my favorite form from then on) and ran out into the streets of Vienna.

I had no clear idea what to do or where to go. My family had been killed on the day I was taken. But the Nazis had given me a gift. In my cat form I could easily blend into the shadows. Nobody suspected a cat, after all.

My attack on the Gestapo chief did not deter the Nazis from their experiments. If anything, it empowered them. If one small cat could create such chaos, what could a whole army of shapeshifting carnivores achieve?

I was making friends with the street cats, but sometimes my new friends would go missing, just as they had when I’d lived as a Jew. Some of the street animals were taken for food by ordinary citizens; the war years had led to shortages of meat. But others were taken by the Nazis so they could continue their experiments.

My first rescue was a glorious thing. I meowed at the door of the laboratory, making myself smaller and inconsequential. A lab assistant let me in, smirking, “Well, we could always do with another cat, though this one doesn’t look like he has a lot of fight in him.”

Little did they know.

Around the room were a number of cages. Some contained cats yet to be used in the experiments. Others contained the results of previous experiments. Strange were-creatures – cats of all sizes and shapes, some grotesquely disfigured as the scientist tried to improve his mutations.

The lab assistants saw me as no threat, just a street moggy, so they gave me a saucer of milk and left me loose on the floor of the lab. “Needs a little fattening up, before we can use him,” one of them said.

I lapped my milk and waited for my opportunity. I wandered around the room, sniffing hither and thither, pretending to explore, but actually I was picking the locks … with my mind. When the scientist made me, he truly didn’t understand the power he was unleashing. The addition of feline genes to my genetic makeup gave me powers I could never have dreamed of before. Telepathy (of course, for that is how I’m speaking to you now)and also a limited telekinesis. The locks were easy to pick, I merely had to visualize the mechanism inside, and they simply slipped open.

I prepared the residents for escape, reaching out to each mind with my whiskers. All could help free themselves, I explained, the werecats and the true cats. Everyone had claws and teeth, after all. On that day, we killed five men in the Nazi laboratory, all but the scientist. The scientist begged for his life. We considered this and decided to be lenient. He could be useful, so we spared his life and brought him with us.

We wondered if we could trust him of course, but he seemed to prefer to be on the winning side.

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Fiction Friday!

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Remember, remember the fifth of November ….

And this November 5th I have four fantastic reads to recommend for your weekend reading pleasure.

First up check out Kings of Sea and Sky by Katie Cherry.

Katie sagely advises “Don’t attempt to befriend something that eats people!”

Though Alexander has fought minotaurs, befriended dragons, and traversed the land, there’s one place in Zilferia he hasn’t explored.

The ocean.

Pearl isn’t thrilled with him constantly seeking out danger, but his affections for her won’t slow Alexander down. After all, supposedly there are man-eating merfolk down there!

He’s never leapt so enthusiastically at a life-threatening situation as this one, but there may be more in those dark depths than he’s prepared for.

***** This short story takes place before the events of the Crystal Dragon Saga and makes a thrilling, enlightening edition to the tale as we learn more about Crystal’s parents long before she was born. Fast-paced clean, YA Fantasy that you won’t want to miss! Claim your FREE copy today!

Next up – Eye of the Jaguar by Jeff D. Ellis.

David and Abby are coworkers at a video game company. Their lives are turned upside down as David is chosen to protect the world against monsters, and she discovers her magic. Their partnership blooms into a powerful romance which neither are prepared for. Together they must face an evil that claimed the lives of David’s parents over an artifact of great power, the Eye of the Jaguar.

Just 99 cents on Kindle or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

The monsters never rest. They lurk, waiting for me to go to sleep.

Already, I have lost everything in my fight with the monsters that haunt my dreams, but my nightmares become a reality when I am kidnapped by a shadowy government agency called the IDA.

Drafted into the IDA’s army of dreamers, the monsters become more real than they have ever been before. I am beginning to learn who, or what, I am—and the responsibility it brings with it.

It’s a fight between good and evil on a plane between worlds. We learn to shift into the warriors we need to be to slay the demons of the underworld. Everything rests on our shoulders.

This is a fight we cannot lose because if we lose, we lose EVERYTHING.

If you enjoyed Ready Player One, Assassin’s Creed, and The Mortal Instruments, then you don’t want to miss this haunting paranormal urban fantasy.

2.99 on Kindle or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Ten years have passed and he has forgotten her. But Mirari would still do anything to save her childhood friend from the executioner’s sword.

Meanwhile, Fangbane has spent his life trying to end centuries of social and political hostility. As his fame spreads, brave Knights rally to his cause.

But to truly succeed, Fangbane must have two others: Gaven, the headstrong warrior he helped put on death row, and Mirari, a simple merchant with a past as secretive as her formidable magical ability. Their aid could be the difference between success and failure.

Can Gaven put aside his apathy to fully commit to the alliance?

Will Mirari become a worthy fighter and subdue her desire for revenge?

With the threat of a growing movement of underground vigilantes bent on tipping the system, the Knights must act quickly.

Time is running out to rid the world of evil.

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Fiction Friday

Hi folks, it’s time for another Fiction Friday collection. Today I have three awesome indie titles to recommend.

First off, something a little different …

A note from the author: My mother, Eleanor LaRue, initially wrote this manuscript in 1960 but never had it published…she left it to me when she passed away in 1995…**BEFORE** I began writing. I found the story when I moved a few years ago and felt compelled to bring her story to life. Over the last two years, I’ve updated, edited, tweaked, and added a time travel element for a contemporary spin. My mom lived decades before her time, but her message is as significant today as it was in 1960. Thank you for reading our novel!

So what’s it about?

In a country divided, where terrorists hijack peaceful protests and threaten the fabric of America’s democracy, President Emery Clayton, III discovers a global power behind the insurrection. He escapes to the White House attic to plan a counterblow, steering clear of initiating World War III––and vanishes.

After years of studying to realize his dream, James Rucker’s future explodes when he’s falsely accused of cheating on his final exams. Vowing he’s had enough, he joins a civil rights movement. But his trip to connect with the anarchists stops cold when his flight is struck by lightning and plummets into the ocean.

Can one man’s soul rip through time to a different era…survive a plane crash…and mitigate a broken man’s rage in time to save his own nation from total destruction?

Pick up your copy on Amazon today in Kindle, paperback or audio book or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Next up a fantasy by Suzanna Linton:

Join an amazing adventure about love, loss, and the fate of kingdoms.

As a slave, Clara’s life extends no further than the castle kitchens and their garden. However, she carries within herself a precious gift: the ability to see the future.

When a vision prompts her to prevent a murder, Clara is shoved not only into the intrigues of the nobility but also into a civil war. As events unfold, she begins to unearth chilling secrets about the war and her supposed friends.

Driven to learn the truth, Clara embarks on a journey that takes her from her beloved mountains to the very Capital itself, Bertrand. There, she is confronted by an evil as old as the mountains–and it’s using her anger and prejudices against her. If she is not careful, not only will the entire nation be lost, but Clara’s own soul as well.

FREE on Kindle!

And now another freebie, this one from Story Origin:

When Ariel’s friends convince her to go out for a ladies night with them, she doesn’t realize her whole life is about to change. She meets Blake, a handsome enigmatic man hiding a big secret. That’s alright, because she has some secrets of her own she has no intention of sharing. The problems start when the secrets begin to come out and their lives become hopelessly entangled. Their relationship brings Ariel the attention she has hidden from for years and exposes her to an evil she never believed was real.

Will the secrets revealed, tear them apart? Or will they discover a love that will stand the test of time? Will Blake’s ex-girlfriend cause him to regret meeting Ariel? Or will the men who chase Ariel, catch her, taking her from him forever?

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Friday Freebies!

Hey folks, Happy Friday. How has your week been?

Today I want to highlight three awesome stories that can be picked up for free in exchange for signing up for the author’s newsletters over on Story Origin.

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Visions of the past forge second chances for the future.

Silas founded the Ashen Hawks out of anger towards a country that failed him and his younger sister, Sarra. The thieves he recruited in Helgath’s capital became his family and the guild escalated from petty thieves to planning a heist of Veralian’s treasury. Before undertaking the risky endeavor, he needs to eliminate the new tool Helgath has been utilizing to see the past and facilitate their arrests.

Locked in a room in the basement of a military barracks, Lucca uses trinkets to see glimpses of the past. After receiving little kindness during a cruel upbringing, her visions, fueled by her Art, grant her the only escape she’s known. When an emotionally damaged thief gives her an opportunity to start over, she sets her focus on saving him from a danger neither of them understand.

When the truth of Helgath’s secrets is revealed, the Hawks could be destroyed or rise above and become the country’s most notorious guild.

Dawn of the Thieves is a prequel novella in the Pantracia Chronicles.

**This book is intended for mature readers and contains violence and sexual scenes.

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And now a couple of titles for younger readers.

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Kaylee Cooper is certain that Alex will become friends with a ghost this year. Alex thinks that he is far too old to be listening to a little grade one and encourages Kaylee to stop jeopardizing his important sixth grade social life. Kaylee doesn’t listen and finds awkward ways to spend as much time with Alex as possible, even if it means following him into the boy’s washroom. Fed up, Alex develops a strategic plan to ultimately get rid of Kaylee Cooper for good. However, he soon learns about the mysterious legend of Screaming Ridge Road that pulls an unlikely group of friends together, including the girl of his dreams, and the school’s meanest bully. When they discover the legend is real, and that Kaylee Cooper is at the core of the mystery, Alex stares death in the face and helps save her from an eternal life of misery and confusion.

Where’s the line between life and death?

A coming of age, middle grade urban fantasy about an eleven-year old boy who tries to help a little girl with paranormal behaviors.

Get the story!

Meet Rocky & Bosco!

Rocky is an Australian Shepherd and Bosco is a fun loving Labrador Retriever. Together they travel the world and explore many places. They teach children all about their new travels through a monthly short story and activity page. They could be exploring a National Park, a small town or riding a train…each month is a new adventure.

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Finally last but not least a collection of FREE audio book review copies with darker themes including several of my own. The promo runs while the free codes last so click today to pick up your copies.

Friday Freebies and More

Happy Friday folks. I’ve a host of new reads for you today. Let’s start off with a freebie from Story Origin.

What if Deadpool was a Sassy Witch?

Serena is a world class necromancer, a self-proclaimed master of the undead. But when someone starts killing the remaining witches, she must fight for her life against an enemy that is immune to the dark arts.

With only her undead companion by her side, she must discover the unstoppable evil that is killing her kind and find a way to avoid the fate shared by her spellcasting companions.

There is a new player in town. Stronger than anything she’s ever seen, and even with her command of the undead, she may not last the night.

Experience this fun and thrilling ride in the life of Serena as she communes with dark forces, screws over evil, and raises Hell. Read it now, before the darkness comes. Seriously, it may already be too late…

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The world is changing . . . . . . and no one sees the danger. However, one man – accidentally imbued with extraordinary powers – could be the answer to it all.

As visions compel him on a journey involving the legendary Excalibur and The Lady of the Lake, Arthur finds himself in England. The irresistible call brings him to the famous London Institute of Psychic Research, where he meets Ruth.

The feisty, red-headed doctor wants nothing to do with the arrogant American, but her boss and the Commander of MI-6 have other plans. Believing the beautiful scientist is the key to controlling and weaponizing Arthur’s abilities, they force the pair to work together.

Ruth has no choice but to tag along, finding it increasingly difficult to fight her growing attraction for Arthur. However, when a camping trip along Lake George suddenly turns into a military expedition, the doctor realizes the precarious predicament she’s in. And her unwanted partner isn’t the only source of concern.

There are more secrets hidden beneath the dark waters than anyone imagined. And, strangely, unknown forces are causing Arthur’s senses to go wonky. He’s losing control.

Will he be able to recover his powers and prevent WWIII? Find out in The Secret of Excalibur, FREE on Story Origin.

It’s weird how every woman reacts differently. How each pregnancy differs.

Mine is definitely unique.

My sense of smell became stronger, picking up the faintest odors, and my stomach was in constant turmoil. Those were the first signs.

And then I started eating. And eating. If I don’t, I get a migraine and people’s faces become blurry. Electronics seem to malfunction in my presence. And the nightmares—they don’t stop.

Something is changing my body.

Something that should have never happened.

Something that my husband and I had prevented from happening.

Something people say is miraculous.

The bigger I get, the more frequently I encounter people who become possessed. And the more often I wind up questioning if I am carrying a miracle baby.

The closer I get to the due date, the more I love this child and the more confident I am that I will protect my baby from anything.

Even its fate.


And finally something for younger readers,

Pranks are the best thing about Halloween — until a ghost pulls one on you.

When eleven-year-old Lyssa Klarken discovers the legend about her ballet school being haunted is true, she thinks she’s won the candy-filled jackpot.

But treats turn to tricks when Nadia, the ghost of a star ballerina, starts pranking her. Nadia only agrees to leave Lyssa alone if she frees her from her unfinished business. There’s just one problem: Nadia can’t remember what that is.

Lyssa has six days to figure it out and save Nadia from torment. If she fails, the tables will turn: Lyssa will be haunted for the rest of her life. Can she solve the mystery before the curtain rises on October 31st?

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Fiction Friday!

Hi everyone, it’s fiction Friday and I have a whole bunch of new recommendations for your weekend reading pleasure.

First I have three fabulous FREE fantasy reads that you can pick up when you sign up for the authors’ newsletters. Plus one contemporary 99 cents read that deals with some tough subjects.

Her music is magic, and she will need every note to save their lives.
A magical fantasy adventure FREE on Story Origin

Gwynn has finally joined the ranks of the most prestigious guild of bards. Eager to explore the world and create her musical legacy, she heads to the dazzling city to impress with her skills. On the road she encounters an elite warrior wounded in an ambush, and fate demands they join forces to defeat the darkness that has hijacked her past.

Can she free her world from enchantment before her soul shatters?

Fae Song is book one of the enchanting fantasy series Ballads of Balahar. A magical world of mystery, splendid Celtic mythology, and a friendship stronger than time. Perfect for fans of Holly Black and Sarah J. Maas.

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Banished dragons fight for survival. A huge twist of fate seals their destiny.

Evil personified finds itself captured and encased in ice, trapped beneath the harshest environment on the planet with absolutely no way out, until, that is, a chance encounter with an inquisitive member of an ancient race unlocks the key to escape.

Dastardly dark deeds set off a chain reaction that will have dire repercussions for the whole world as, against all odds, evil conquers good.

Can a psychotic leader’s twisted plan be stopped? And will a mother’s love prevail?

Find out how the malevolence began in this bone chilling prequel. FREE on Story Origin.

FREE a FREE sample from Story Origin

Wow! Just look at that cover! BLOOD OF A FALLEN GOD is the first of Joshua Cook’s Forgemaster Cycle.

Stealing a shard of a dead god’s blood was only the start.

The land lies split in two, broken in the Godsfall many years in the past. William Reis wants nothing more than to be a Guild blacksmith. Being from the Reach means he can never make that dream real, as he will soon discover. Duncan Reis revels in his risky and dangerous life, never admitting he is running from his own sadness and grief. He cares deeply for his cousin William, but hates the dream of joining the Guild.

The path they take, both together and apart, will change the face of Alos. Dead gods are stirring, and both men will find themselves thrust into a conflict that never truly ended. From the prestigious halls of the Guild, to the blasted and cursed Mistlands, the last two of the Reis line will decide the fate of all.

PIck up your free sample from Story Origin.

And now for something a little different:

Just 99 cents on Amazon

A happy ending with a twist you will have to read to find out…
Katherine has had a tragic life, with abuse and death of parents and her child. This does not stop her from leading a full and happy life with her husband Calvin and second child.
Nothing stops Katherine, not loss, not mental illness…
Follow the letters that Katherine writes to her lost child and let you decide what fact is and what is fiction.

99 cents on Kindle.

Still need a little more. Lose yourself in history. All books in this promo including my own Griddlebone are free on Story Origin.

Friday Fiction – The Dragon Must Go

Meet Bob

A little something I wrote this week in a prompt group on FB. Enjoy!

“The dragon must go now!”

“But that’s discrimination! It says on that sign that you serve everyone, no matter what race, sex or species!”

“And we do, and we did! But we have no grog left. The dragon’s drunk it all. And it’s singing! It’s hurting our ears and making the paying customers leave and well, there is the matter of the fire breath!”

“What about the fire breath? You said you liked it before when it warmed up those hot toddies!”

“That was then and this is now. It’s clear that it’s going a bit far. Please take him outside before he burns the whole bar down.”

“OK then mate. Come on Bob! We’ll find another bar!”

Have a good weekend. And remember if you take your dragon out to your local pub make sure they drink responsibility.

Friday Fiction – Hearts Unleashed Anthology!

Happy Friday today I’m excited to announce this awesome Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection that will be coming your way this fall.

Lose yourself in the magic…

Hearts Unleashed brings you 20+ BRAND NEW tantalizing tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy in this thrilling collection of heart-pounding books featuring Shifters, Vampires, Witches and more.

Unleash your heart, indulge your senses, and satisfy your cravings with this fantastic collection of supernatural fiction featuring sensual heroes and sassy heroines, crafted by some of your favorite bestselling and award-winning authors.

★★★ Authors & Books Featured in Hearts Unleashed ★★★
C.D. Gorri
Gina Kincade
Erzabet Bishop
Carrie Pulkinen
Julia Mills
Lia Davis
Skye Jones
Laney Powell
Fiona Starr
Cecilia Lane
Julie Morgan
L.A. McGinnis
Lori King
Theresa Hissong
Rebecca Hefner
Amanda Kimberley
Amy Pennza
P. Mattern
N Gray
Marie Mason
Siren Allen
Sapphire Winters
Melissa Bell
Zoe Forward
Elle Boon

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Need something to read right now? Check out these free sci-fi stories over at Story Origin. They include my short collection “Will There Be Watermelons on Mars?” All titles are free to download in exchange for signing up for the individual authors’ newsletters.

Audio Book Round Up

Who here loves to listen to your reads? Well I’ve got something for you. I’ve oodles of free audio book codes available via Story Origin. Here’s a sampling:

Meet a cat called Cecilia, a disgruntled android named Doris, and a weasel called Popgoes and discover that with enough tea and dark chocolate you can achieve anything. A collection of flash fiction and poetry written by me and narrated by the awesome Fiona Thraille, a young actress from England who really makes my stories pop!

Pick up your free review copy!

Six weeks after my father passed away I discovered a lump in my breast. I was terrified as I embarked on the road of cancer treatment, but it’s amazing what you can get used to. At the time I shared little with others beyond my close family, but today I’m ready to share my story to help other women have strength to go through treatment. You are much stronger than you think you are.

Pick up your copy here. Reviews are very welcome.

Something for your little ones. Adana is a small, brown, earth dragon. She longs to play with the other dragons, but none of them will accept her as a friend. One day a giant wanders into the land of the dragons and scares all the other dragons. Can Adana save the day and prove that even a small brown earth dragon can do big things?

Pick up your free review copy here!

But birds need to fly! You cannot keep them imprisoned.” “Do they indeed?” said the man. “We shall see about that.”

Listen to the story of Jenny written by me and narrated by Lisa Hicks.

In 1952 London experienced the Great Smog. Around 4,000 people died and 100,000 became sick. It was this that led Parliament to pass the Clean Air Act of 1956 which paved the way to cleaner air and was an important milestone in the protection of the environment. But what if the Act was never passed? What if a young and unscrupulous politician and businessman had blocked its passing? Meet George Weeks.

A cautionary tale of the world that might have been.
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The Dream Catcher and Summer Bash

Hi folks, Happy Friday. I have a bunch of freebies today in exchange for sign-ups for the authors newsletters. First up check out the Summer Book Bash. Oodles of free books plus a chance to win a $25 gift card.

Next up something for your little ones.

Abigail is having bad dreams again. It’s time for the Dream Catcher Rescue Squad to help. But, can they get past the grouchy house cat and the thieving Moon Drifters? Time is running out.

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And last but not least June is for Unicorns – a collection of freebies featuring fantasy creatures.