Cover Reveal — Madarak (P.A.W.S. 10)

TA DA!! Presenting the beautiful new cover of my upcoming new release–MADARAK.

Madarak is book 10 of my P.A.W.S. Saga which will release on June 22nd, the tenth anniversary of when the original P.A.W.S. was released.

In this book the avian shifters and animagi of P.A.W.S. are traveling to Nashville for Madarak or Bird Con as it’s colloquially known. Two young P.A.W.S. students are attempting to get to Madarak all the way from Alaska and one of the two is a albatross shifter called Jayda who you can see on the front of this awesome new cover created by the ever-talented Rachel Bostwick.

Preorder your copy of Madarak today!

The Ealdspell Cycle: Faerie Magic Special Edition Hardbacks

Wow! Aren’t those beautiful? My friend Jesikah Sundin has someone wonderful news this week that I’m happy to share here on Paws 4 Thought. Her fairytale series, Ealdspell now has beautiful full-color illustrated hardbacks available exclusively through Kickstarter.

What do they include?

The Ealdspell Cycle: Faerie Magic Special Edition Hardbacks

Epic fae fantasy romance twists on familiar fairy tales, blending magic and mythology with historically inspired settings.

  • Printed in full color
  • Custom designed chapter spreads
  • Ink scene sketch illustrations
  • Beautiful hardcase wrap
  • Exclusive dust jacket design
  • “Almost Kiss” art printed in each book
  • So many more amazing features to come!

There are limited number of Early Bird Bonuses too, so hurry, hurry!

Order your copies today! (They make awesome gifts too for the fantasy lover in your family).

Friday Fiction – Seven Crowns

Today on Paws 4 Thought I’m hosting SEVEN CROWNS by E.V. Everest. Isn’t that a beautiful cover? So of course it has a beautiful story to go with it!

A crown is dangerous. A crown split seven ways is deadly.

One year after the death of her mom, sixteen-year-old Anabella Halt is living on her own and breaking all the rules. Life is tough but ordinary.

Until Ana learns her mom’s dangerous secret—she was the heir to a fallen dynasty on a world ruled by seven families. Her family was murdered one by one. Now, assassins are closing in, and Ana could be next.

With the help of a handsome hobo, Ana escapes to the place where it all began—a starflung world where magic and technology coexist. A place where Ana must navigate a tangled web of friends and foes to unmask her would-be assassin before it’s too late.

Travel to a glittering, dangerous world with political alliances and ballgowns, perfect for fans of Cinder and The Selection.

Pick up your copy today!

The Alchemyst’s Mirror

Today on Paws 4 Thought we’re happy to welcome fantasy author, Liz Delton who is releasing her brand new title, THE ALCHEMIST’S MIRROR.

Isn’t that an awesome cover? So what’s the book about?

Well …

Petra and Maisie Everturn just want to run their family’s tea shop, but when their explorer brother Jiordan goes missing while looking for an alchemycal artifact, none of them are safe.

The sisters must enlist the help of another explorer in order to find Jiordan or the artifact—before the mysterious alchemyst society finds them first.

However, when one of the sisters stumbles into the clutches of the most dangerous alchemyst in the city, the race to unravel the clues becomes desperate. And when they discover the truth about the artifact, their quest to infiltrate the alchemyst’s secret society becomes a matter of life and death.

Sounds awesome – where can you get it?

Buy it on Amazon!

A bit about Liz

Liz Delton writes and lives in New England, with her husband and amazing son. She studied Theater Management at the University of the Arts in Philly, always having enjoyed the backstage life of storytelling.

She reads and writes fantasy, especially the kind with alternate worlds. Liz is the author of the dystopian Arcera Trilogy, and the fantasy Realm of Camellia series, and the new steampunk novel, The Alchemyst’s Mirror. World-building is her favorite part of writing, and she is always dreaming up new fantastic places.

She loves drinking tea and traveling. When she’s not writing you can find her hands full with one of her many craft projects.

Visit her website at

Cover Reveal – Jhara!

It’s here and it’s beautiful. My awesome cover designer Rachel Bostwick created a new kickass cover for Jhara (P.A.W.S. 6). The book will release on June 15th, 2020 but I really wanted to share the cover with you guys now. So here it is!


Isn’t it scrumptious? I love it.

So what is Jhara you may ask? Well SHE is a powerful storm and she’s super mad as she’s been trapped in a bottle and hidden away. Now she wants out and woe betide anyone in her way.

Preorder her story today on Amazon.  

OR for a limited time pick up an ARC over at Story Origin.




Introducing Alistair – a new release on Kindle.

This story first appeared in the anthology, Heroes & Villains, and now is a standalone story, the first of an upcoming series, Tales from P.A.W.S.

This beautiful cover was created by the talented Rachel Bostwick.

“Maybe I am,” said Alistair, “But there are monsters worse than me in this world. You are lucky, Joshua; lucky you have me to protect you. I was not so fortunate.” Alistair took a long breath in and exhaled slowly, “neither was my mother . . .”

A short story from world of P.A.W.S.

Pick up your copy today!

YAAR Blog Blitz!

Today on Paws 4 Thought I’m happy to host the YA Author Rendezvous blog blitz. YAAR is a group of like-minded authors who have to come together to share and promote YA literature. I am happy to be part of this group.

In this guest post Sarah Wathen, author of the catchpenny series talks about covers and cover art.

A Picture Worth 100,000 Words


Woe to the author who has written her brain into knots, strangled her editor, and reworked her novel until she puked…who can’t find the right darn cover art. And if she could, would the perfect cover be worth $100,000 for her 100,000 words? My starving artist friends would say, “Heck, yes!” But many authors can’t afford to shell out even $1,000.


Luckily, plenty authors are also artists, especially in YA Author Rendezvous!

For me, it was a no-brainer, since my words and my artwork flow from the same creative well. I painted The Tramp long before I wrote it, and drawing the morphing figure for Catchpenny was just plain fun.

Tramp    LastOrder  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00024]

Angela Caldwell is also a photographer, so she had the chops to pull off a great book cover. Her own father created some of the artwork, which made it even more special to her, because of the father/daughter relationship in her novel.

For Lauren Mayhew, it was about the entire package: “I wanted my book to be all my own creation, especially as it’s self-published.”

watermelons   The Big C kk

Debbie Manber Kupfer feels privileged to use her late father’s photographs of Jerusalem in her cover art. “My dad passed away before I became a published author and the difficult time of my life after his passing is talked about in my memoir, The Big C.”


Jason Latshaw worked with an artist friend to produce exactly what he needed. He created a photo mock-up and directed how his monsters should be drawn, as the terror that lurks below the clouds.

Threat  Wings  Light

Veda Stamps hosted a competition on DesignCrowd for the artwork and then used her own graphic design skills to finish the job.

T.D. Shields designed her first, but needed an artist for her second book cover. “I think it’s important to have a really attractive, professional-looking cover in order to catch people’s attention, so I was willing to put out the money.”


Music to any starving artist’s ears! Though maybe hard for the struggling author to stomach, we aren’t strangers to paying it forward. Whatever it takes for that picture worth your 100,000 words!



Written by Sarah Wathen, with plenty of help from her friends in Young Adult Author Rendezvous! Sarah works as an artist and author in Florida, with her husband, son, and about a dozen imaginary friends from her books, The Tramp and Catchpenny, both released in 2015.

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