Meet Kellie Doherty

Today on Paws 4 Thought we continue our occasional Fiction Friday feature with a special interview with queer science fiction/fantasy author, Kellie Doherty. Tell us a little about yourself, Kellie.

I live in the Land of the Midnight Sun—Alaska! I write stories full of adventure, found families, chaotic queer characters, and a
dash of romance. I mostly stick to writing novel-length work, but I also dabble in short stories, flash fiction, and poetry.

When did you first start writing?

I started writing when I was a kid, mostly fanfiction of Digimon and Pokemon, with a splash of Sailor Moon. It was fun to play in already created worlds and infuse them with my own plot ideas and original characters. I wrote in those fandom worlds for a few years before finding my own voice and branching out to my own original fiction, but all that time writing fanfiction honed my writing skills so, so much. And it was fun! I still write some fanfiction to this day, too.

Who are your favorite authors?

I’m glad that’s plural because I have the hardest time picking one! Some of my favorites in the sci-fi universe include Becky Chambers, Micaiah Johnson, and Ursula K. Le Guin. Over on the fantasy realm there’s V.E. Schwab, Aiden Thomas, Chelsea Abdullah, Astrid Knight, and Rebecca Thorne.

What inspires you to write?

So many things. My characters, my stories, my younger self. I didn’t see many queer characters in the fantasy and sci-fi stories I read growing up, and I made myself a promise to change that. We’ve made some strides with mainstream media accepting queer characters and storylines but there’s still so far to go. I like to think I’m doing my small part in adding some more rainbow representation.

You have a new fantasy novel out, Ink Stains & Ill-Fated Lies. Tell us a little bit about it.

Yes! Ink Stains & Ill-Fated Lies is the third book in my intertwined standalone series, the Broken Chronicles. Curiosity pushes a disgraced wandering scribe named Adaris too deep into an enemies’ hideout and she gets captured for it. She’s forced to conform to their fiery ritualistic ways and use her quill to record their side of history but when she discovers strange, ancient crafting her curiosity twists in ways even she didn’t anticipate. She’s always recorded the heroes’ stories around her and now it’s finally her turn to be the hero—by any means necessary. It’s got twisted magic, chaotic bisexuals, a dash of romance, and a quest for knowledge gone horribly wrong where curiosity might just doom them all.

That sounds amazing, plus that’s a truly beautiful cover! So what attracts you to writing fantasy?

The escapism of it all—new worlds, an endless expanse of magic in the form of innate, gifted, stolen, artifacts, or anything else you can dream up in between, mythological creatures, swordfights and sorcery—fantasy is a genre where anything can happen and I just love the sheer breadth of it. I love creating an intricate world and layered magical system, telling a story that’s not set on Earth but deals with very human/relatable problems. It’s a unique and fascinating challenge to create a whole new world, and don’t even get me started on creating mythological creatures. It’s one of my favorite things about fantasy, the beasts of the world can be so unique and…well…magical!

What was your inspiration for this book?

The idea really started with Adaris. I knew I wanted to explore the idea of being a hero and how that idea can shift when the so-called “hero” needs to do terrible things to protect the ones they love and to stay alive. I wanted to push the faults of unbridled curiosity and how knowledge can sometime corrupt people, too. I had mentioned Adaris in my other two fantasy books—Sunkissed Feathers & Severed Ties and Curling Vines & Crimson Trades—where she was simply a scribe helping my other main characters along their journeys, but since Ink Stains is Adaris’ story, I got to explore her character more and give her the adventure she deserved. I knew she was a disgraced scribe (though at the time I didn’t know why) and I knew she had a chronic leg injury that prevented her from living out her dream of being a Moon Knight. I knew I wanted to push her curiosity to the next level, to see what would happen when she was faced with an impossible choice, and answer that question for myself, too.

Here at Paws 4 Thought we love meeting our author’s pets. Do you have any furry, feathery or scaly writing companions? (Feel free to add pictures!)

I have two amazingly fluffy shadow cats named Raven and Cinder. Raven’s the older of the two and she definitely acts like it—hogging up my lap time and curling up on my shoulders—but Cinder makes herself known by being the loudest cat I have ever owned. She does this low-pitched meow that I honestly haven’t heard any other cat make; it’s pretty spectacular. One of my favorite activities is curling up with my cats under a nice thick blanket and reading a good book. They’re also a source of inspiration as well, for the mythological creatures in my books and some locations, too.

Oooh, a black floof like Luna, my daughter’s kitty and my grandcat! So what is your favorite magical creature?

Oooo, I’ve created some awesome beasts for my fantasy series but I’ll highlight my favorite one here: Vulnix: A small winged vulpine creature with three tails who are letter-carriers in my world. They can fly, they’re super quick, their sense of direction is legendary, and their eyesight is par to none. The main character in Sunkissed Feathers & Severed Ties, Misti has a vulnix named Zora and she’s loosely based on Raven, my cat I mentioned earlier! (Vulnix are also inspired by the Pokemon Eevee and Vulpix…because I’m a geek like that.)

That’s sounds awesome. I adore magical creatures too (and the name Vulnix made me think of Vulpix — I play Pokemon with my son! So, what it’s like writing an intertwined standalone series? (Not something I’ve tried myself yet.)

It’s so fun! Each of the first four books are set in the same world with the same magic system, world histories, deities, and brewing battles but they each have a different main character—Misti for Sunkissed Feathers, Orenda for Curling Vines, Adaris for Ink Stains, and Zayla for my current WIP. I really enjoy doing a deep dive into their backgrounds, personalities, strengths and weaknesses for each book. Each book has a different story arc, so that readers can pick whatever book they want and dive into the
story, but each book reveals something new about the world and moves the story forward in its own way. Keen-eyed readers will note some fun hints running through the books. Plus, I’ve woven the other characters into each book, as passing people the main character meets. It’s so cool!! I’m most daunted by writing the fifth book because that’s when all four main characters will be together and I’ll have to do POV shifts to complete the story. I’ve never done something like that before, so it’ll be a real challenge… but one I’m looking forward to!

Thank you so much for taking time out to talk to us, Kellie. How can readers connect with you?

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The Ealdspell Cycle: Faerie Magic Special Edition Hardbacks

Wow! Aren’t those beautiful? My friend Jesikah Sundin has someone wonderful news this week that I’m happy to share here on Paws 4 Thought. Her fairytale series, Ealdspell now has beautiful full-color illustrated hardbacks available exclusively through Kickstarter.

What do they include?

The Ealdspell Cycle: Faerie Magic Special Edition Hardbacks

Epic fae fantasy romance twists on familiar fairy tales, blending magic and mythology with historically inspired settings.

  • Printed in full color
  • Custom designed chapter spreads
  • Ink scene sketch illustrations
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My Mother’s Keeper by S. G. Benson

Hi everyone. Something a little different this Friday. As some of you know when I’m not writing or puzzling I edit books for others. My editing projects run the gambit from children’s picture books, to gritty thrillers and sometimes include memoir.

One of the most powerful memoirs I edited recently is S. G. Benson’s My Mother’s Keeper. In it she chronicles her journey as caretaker for her mother as she succumbs to Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a tough journey but well worth the read.

Most people, at some point in their lives, confront issues with aging parents. Whether the problems are medical, financial, logistical, or emotional—or some combination—it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless.

My Mother’s Keeper: One family’s journey through dementia chronicles the author’s journey through parental dementia. At first, the author didn’t even recognize it as an illness. Once she found herself up to her neck in a nightmare, she had no time for research. She spent every waking moment coping, reacting, and scrambling—and was simply too exhausted to do more than try to put out each fire as it flared.

Later, once the crisis subsided, she found several books, articles, and websites that contained helpful information about dementia, its associated behaviors, and care suggestions for patients. What she didn’t find were stories of how families coped with it.

By sharing her experience, she hopes to help fill that gap. This book tells her family’s story of rapidly-accelerating personality changes, aggression, violence, fear, mistakes, hopelessness, helplessness, and eventual closure. The author hopes it will help readers who find themselves embarking on a similar journey understand that they are not alone.

My Mother’s Keeper is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

This is Meow O Ween!

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New Release Alert! I’m excited to announce I have a story “Tiger, Tiger” in this anthology of creepy, silly and funny kitty tales for the young and the young at heart.

Spooky, scary, otherworldly, magical…
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RC Larlham
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Jen Ponce
DM Rasch
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Donna Marie West

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I Am Smoke by Henry Herz

Something a little different today. Picture book author, Henry Herz has a new book out.

I AM SMOKE is a spare, lyrical, “autobiographical” account of the life cycle and beneficial uses of smoke across the globe and throughout the ages. The creative nonfiction picture book offers science, history, and global cultural studies appeal to young readers.

Smoke speaks in mesmerizing riddles: “I lack a mouth, but I can speak. I lack hands, but I can push out unwanted guests. I’m gentler than a feather, but I can cause harm.” When smoke speaks, its messages swirl and shift like smoke itself—playful, challenging, devious. Smoke has been borne aloft from flames, and its elements returned to earth, since before recorded time. Its cycles never end. Smoke was here before us. It helps us when we’re wise but hurts us when we’re careless. Do not treat me lightly, it seems to warn.

This rhythmically powerful narration is complemented by illustrations in which swirling smoke was captured on art paper held over smoky candle flames, and the dancing smoke textures were then deepened and elaborated with watercolors and Photoshop finishes. With this unique method, illustrator Merce López “let the smoke decide how the idea I had in mind would dance with it, giving freedom to the images.” The resulting illustrations are astounding, and they resonate with the otherworldly text.

Check it out on Henry’s website — HENRYHERZ.COM

Also check out this all-genre book fair

Friday Freebies and More

Happy Friday folks. I’ve a host of new reads for you today. Let’s start off with a freebie from Story Origin.

What if Deadpool was a Sassy Witch?

Serena is a world class necromancer, a self-proclaimed master of the undead. But when someone starts killing the remaining witches, she must fight for her life against an enemy that is immune to the dark arts.

With only her undead companion by her side, she must discover the unstoppable evil that is killing her kind and find a way to avoid the fate shared by her spellcasting companions.

There is a new player in town. Stronger than anything she’s ever seen, and even with her command of the undead, she may not last the night.

Experience this fun and thrilling ride in the life of Serena as she communes with dark forces, screws over evil, and raises Hell. Read it now, before the darkness comes. Seriously, it may already be too late…

Join author David Phifer’s newsletter and pick up a FREE copy of The Binding.

The world is changing . . . . . . and no one sees the danger. However, one man – accidentally imbued with extraordinary powers – could be the answer to it all.

As visions compel him on a journey involving the legendary Excalibur and The Lady of the Lake, Arthur finds himself in England. The irresistible call brings him to the famous London Institute of Psychic Research, where he meets Ruth.

The feisty, red-headed doctor wants nothing to do with the arrogant American, but her boss and the Commander of MI-6 have other plans. Believing the beautiful scientist is the key to controlling and weaponizing Arthur’s abilities, they force the pair to work together.

Ruth has no choice but to tag along, finding it increasingly difficult to fight her growing attraction for Arthur. However, when a camping trip along Lake George suddenly turns into a military expedition, the doctor realizes the precarious predicament she’s in. And her unwanted partner isn’t the only source of concern.

There are more secrets hidden beneath the dark waters than anyone imagined. And, strangely, unknown forces are causing Arthur’s senses to go wonky. He’s losing control.

Will he be able to recover his powers and prevent WWIII? Find out in The Secret of Excalibur, FREE on Story Origin.

It’s weird how every woman reacts differently. How each pregnancy differs.

Mine is definitely unique.

My sense of smell became stronger, picking up the faintest odors, and my stomach was in constant turmoil. Those were the first signs.

And then I started eating. And eating. If I don’t, I get a migraine and people’s faces become blurry. Electronics seem to malfunction in my presence. And the nightmares—they don’t stop.

Something is changing my body.

Something that should have never happened.

Something that my husband and I had prevented from happening.

Something people say is miraculous.

The bigger I get, the more frequently I encounter people who become possessed. And the more often I wind up questioning if I am carrying a miracle baby.

The closer I get to the due date, the more I love this child and the more confident I am that I will protect my baby from anything.

Even its fate.


And finally something for younger readers,

Pranks are the best thing about Halloween — until a ghost pulls one on you.

When eleven-year-old Lyssa Klarken discovers the legend about her ballet school being haunted is true, she thinks she’s won the candy-filled jackpot.

But treats turn to tricks when Nadia, the ghost of a star ballerina, starts pranking her. Nadia only agrees to leave Lyssa alone if she frees her from her unfinished business. There’s just one problem: Nadia can’t remember what that is.

Lyssa has six days to figure it out and save Nadia from torment. If she fails, the tables will turn: Lyssa will be haunted for the rest of her life. Can she solve the mystery before the curtain rises on October 31st?

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Friday Fiction

Happy Friday, Folks. I have a mixed bag of reads for you this fair Friday.

First up, do you like dragons? Of course you do!

Check out this first of an awesome new series by J.A. Cullican, HEIR OF DRAGONS, just 99 cents on Kindle for a limited time or FREE on KIndle Unlimited.

Her bloodline says they should be mortal enemies. Her heart swears otherwise. Will her torn loyalties leave her vulnerable to a rising evil?

Minx’s hunting and fighting skills are legendary. But when adversaries trespass on the royal Fae lands, she’s nervous about her mission to restore the defense wards by slaying a dragon and returning with its powerful hide. And the ferocious warrior grows desperate when neighboring clans demand that she defeat not one, but two of the fearsome beasts in fights to the death.

Angered by the coercive demand, Minx tracks down her first red-scaled monster—only to be stunned when it shifts into a stunning young man. And when her handsome foe claims they share a common adversary, her attraction tempts her toward an unheard-of alliance against a dark new threat.

Will Minx’s quest to save her species drag them into a bloody war?

How to Kill a Dragon is the breathtaking first book in the Heir of Dragons epic fantasy series. If you like fierce heroines, forbidden romance, and magic gone awry, then you’ll love J. A. Culican’s fiery tale.

Buy How to Kill a Dragon to battle the demons of destiny today!

Next up, a treat for those with KU who love to binge on fantasy box sets!

Chaos. Magic. Adventure. – Three things this princess isn’t ready for.

Book 1

When dark magic brings destruction and chaos down on her kingdom, fae princess Dana’s life takes an unexpected turn. To save her, the king begs her to leave him to his fate, and she must now step away from every comfort she’s ever known.

Dana is left to unravel the mysteries of her powers while dealing with an annoying wolf shifter whose secrets set her blood on fire. He’s either the ally she desperately needs or the most dangerous man she’s ever met.

Moonstones, a witch, dark elves, and a wolf shifter all stand in her way as she tries to absolve her father of the atrocities the fae folk accuse him of.

Read this and continue to books 2-4 in one chunky box set free to subscribers of KU

But wait, there’s more! I’ve got together with a bunch of awesome fantasy authors ALL free on Kindle Unlimited. Check them out by clicking the banners below and find your next fantasy binge.

Kid’s Corner

And now something for the little ones …

Jake is off to daycare, but he’s worried about what’s in store.
Going somewhere new can be scary–trying something different, even more.
How will he get ready, and what will help him through?
What will bring him comfort and help prepare him for something new?

Available in paperback, hardback or Kindle or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Meet Esmeralda Grunch, a very fetching flower fairy, and her best friend, Tulip. Story by me and enchanting watercolor pictures from Tina Wijesiri.

Available in paperback and just $1.99 on Kindle for a limited time.

And that’s it for today. Have a happy weekend, folks!

Networking for Writers by Lizzie Chantree

Hey folks, this is one for the other authors out there on my blog. I’m happy today to help spread the word about Lizzie Chantree super useful book NETWORKING FOR WRITERS.

Are you swamped with book marketing and looking for a way to find new sales? Learn simple and effective networking techniques, to grow your readership and connect with other authors and book lovers, today!

Whether you are a new or experienced writer, self-published or traditionally published, this book will show you how to grow your readership and author network, through some of the most powerful of all marketing tools – word of mouth and recommendation. 

This book will show you:

How networking can help you sell more books.

Why author branding is important.

How networking hours work.

Specific Facebook groups for writers

How to utilise social media to grow your readership.

How not to waste valuable writing time.

How to make our marketing more effective.

Throughout Networking for Writers, we will explore running or attending book signings, hosting seminars, finding a writing buddy or mentor, author networking groups, social media planning and so much more.

Pick up your copy today!

About Lizzie Chantree

International bestselling author and award-winning inventor, Lizzie Chantree, started her own business at the age of 18 and became one of Fair Play London and The Patent Office’s British Female Inventors of the Year in 2000. She discovered her love of writing fiction when her children were little and now works as a business mentor and runs a popular networking hour on social media, where creatives can support to each other. She writes books full of friendship and laughter, that are about women with unusual and adventurous businesses, who are far stronger than they realise. She lives with her family on the coast in Essex. Visit her website at or follow her on Twitter @Lizzie_Chantree

Book links: Lizzie Chantree.

Universal book buy link: Networking for writers:

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The Alchemyst’s Mirror

Today on Paws 4 Thought we’re happy to welcome fantasy author, Liz Delton who is releasing her brand new title, THE ALCHEMIST’S MIRROR.

Isn’t that an awesome cover? So what’s the book about?

Well …

Petra and Maisie Everturn just want to run their family’s tea shop, but when their explorer brother Jiordan goes missing while looking for an alchemycal artifact, none of them are safe.

The sisters must enlist the help of another explorer in order to find Jiordan or the artifact—before the mysterious alchemyst society finds them first.

However, when one of the sisters stumbles into the clutches of the most dangerous alchemyst in the city, the race to unravel the clues becomes desperate. And when they discover the truth about the artifact, their quest to infiltrate the alchemyst’s secret society becomes a matter of life and death.

Sounds awesome – where can you get it?

Buy it on Amazon!

A bit about Liz

Liz Delton writes and lives in New England, with her husband and amazing son. She studied Theater Management at the University of the Arts in Philly, always having enjoyed the backstage life of storytelling.

She reads and writes fantasy, especially the kind with alternate worlds. Liz is the author of the dystopian Arcera Trilogy, and the fantasy Realm of Camellia series, and the new steampunk novel, The Alchemyst’s Mirror. World-building is her favorite part of writing, and she is always dreaming up new fantastic places.

She loves drinking tea and traveling. When she’s not writing you can find her hands full with one of her many craft projects.

Visit her website at

Child of Chaos

YA Author and award-winning game designer, Glen Dahlgren is pleased to present his newest release, The Child of Chaos!

Check out the stunning cover and blurb below! Also, get to know the author with Glen’s bio and social media links.

And last, but not least, read the amazing reviews this book is getting from today’s largest authors industry pros!

Galen loves dreaming up stories, but he never expected to be pulled into a nightmare.

An irresistible longing drags Galen to an ancient vault where, long ago, the gods of Order locked Chaos away.
Chaos promises power to the one destined to liberate it, but Galen’s dreams warn of dark consequences.

He isn’t the only one racing to the vault, however. Horace, the bully who lives to torment Galen, is determined to unleash Chaos–and he might know how to do it.

Galen’s imagination always got him into trouble, but now it may be the only thing that can prevent Horace from unraveling the world.


You can get your copy here:


Meet Glen Dahlgren


Social Media Links:







Editorial Reviews

“There is a quality of imagination and detail here that impresses me. This is no ordinary sword and sorcery story. [Glen Dahlgren] is a novelist who I think will become more widely known as his skill is appreciated. This is what fantasy fiction should be.”
Piers Anthony, New York Times bestselling author of the Xanth series

“It’s rare that a fantasy story – and a YA one at that – manages to be both familiar (in terms of fantasy conventions) and yet strikingly fresh and original at the same time. But this one does… and the ultimate conclusion is very satisfying.”
Michael Verdu, one of the founders of Legend Entertainment, designer and producer of Mission Critical

An immensely satisfying page turner with some profound things to say about friendship, responsibility and true courage.
Lee Sheldon, award-winning writer of Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Lion’s Song

The book managed to surprise me with clever twists and turns, and as a lifelong fantasy reader, that’s a tough trick to pull off.
Christy Marx, award-winning writer of Conan, Red Sonja, and Elfquest, and author of Writing for Animation, Comics & Games