Friday Fiction!

Click the above image for some awesome fantasy and sci-fi tales!

Hi folks, Happy Friday! I hope your summer is not as brutal as ours. We’ve had several 100 degree days in St. Louis so far this summer and it’s not even July yet. You know what I’m going to do? Stay inside as much as possible with a good book–and I have some good choices for you today to keep both you and your little ones happy and entertained during these scorching days.

First up, how about some vampires?

Vampires. Not the midlife crisis I expected.

When I finally got around to dating after my jackhole of a husband walked out on my fortieth birthday, I thought personal grooming was my biggest worry. Until I went on a date with a vampire and ended up fighting for my life.

Now I see magic—and danger—everywhere I look, and somehow I’m the one responsible for keeping everyone safe.

It’s worse than being roped into heading a PTA committee. Well…maybe.

Pick up your copy today!

Or choose a FREE title from this selection:

And now onto our children’s selection this week:

Hearting with Herman introduces children to the incredible power of the human heart.

In this story, we are introduced to the simple act of hearting. When Herman, a humpback whale, shares his heart song at the beach, lonely Sasha goes on a miraculous journey.

She discovers the sound her heart makes is music that others can hearMermaids, seafaring friends, and an earth goddess are a few of the encounters she enjoys along the way.

Sasha’s confidence grows with her new friends to realize that she is never really alone.

Enjoy book one in the Hearting with Herman series. Hearts of all ages will enjoy the free companion song A Call to the Sea available on the author’s website.

Book available in print, ebook and audio!

A sweet book full of adventure and wonder that kids of all ages will adore!
Every Saturday, Millie spends the day at her grandmother’s house. There are no toys and no TV, but it’s still the best part of her week. You see, grandma is a fairy! With a twirl of her magic spoon, she sends Millie to wherever she wants to go!

Available on Amazon in ebook or paperback!

And last but not least I have a free activity for you to enjoy with your little ones this weekend!

Help your little one develop important skills for elementary education with this fun teacher-created, color, cut, and paste dinosaur-themed activity book.

Children will develop the confidence to use scissors safely and effectively by cutting out a variety of dinosaur images. Your child will improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination first by coloring and then through cutting.

Download as a PDF so that you can print and cut the pages!

And that’s for this week. Have a good weekend and try to stay cool!

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