Friday Fiction

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Happy Friday. This week I have three awesome books to share with you.

First up check out this awesome box set.

Contains all three books from the Dusk Eternal trilogy

To drive out the heathen empire from the realm. To rule as the legendary pharaoh reborn. To bring about the Dusk Eternal and usher in a new era of prosperity for the desert kingdom of Khemeret.

That shouldn’t be a problem for Ashira. Right?

The priests who rescued the drowned girl knew she was the one spoken of in the prophecy. All the signs were there. She could heal the sick with but a touch. The dead bowed to her. She was the mighty Nephtet-Ka returned to them. Ashira grew up, fully confident in her abilities and powers, but reclaiming a kingdom is not a simple task. And prophecies are hardly ever straightforward. Her ambitions will take her from her home in Khemeret to the ruling country of Alvara and back again. She’ll have to face bandits, bounty hunters, legionaries, and even creatures from beyond her imagination. Her only true ally is Mwarthes, a sly assassin who speaks with serpents and lets his curiosity get the better of him. Will he help her reclaim her throne? Or will she end up another corpse in the desert?

$9.99 for all three titles or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Next up how about an audio book for your weekend listening pleasure?

Humans and Mystics have been at war for as long as Kala can remember. For this reason, contact with any of the magical creatures that inhabit the forest near her home is punishable by death.

So when an elf rescues her from being kidnapped by his brother, she has good reason to question his motives. That is, until she learns the truth: that it was a human who killed her mother, not a Mystic, and that she and the whole kingdom are being lied to.

But confiding in the wrong person opens old wounds, and Kala must choose between her family and a blossoming romance. Can her love unite their people? Or has she doomed everyone she cares about?

Available on Audible.

And last but not least check this out …

A country under war. A mission that will test the loyalty of everyone. What sacrifices must enemies make to maintain order?

Anjuu is the deadliest assassin in Narishma.

As a Drow, she’s persecuted by the elves at the pinnacle of society—thanks to her Queen Kalio conquering the country.
Her latest mission: to kill those fueling the brewing rebellion. But as the truth unravels, everything around her warps until she doubts her own mission.

An educated elf, Tosh is forced into manual labor in the quarries, serving under the Drow Queen. Seeking vengeance, he escapes with the help of Narishma’s God, Devata. Accompanied by a sprite, Tosh seeks the next dragon guardian, so he can destroy the very government that enslaves his people.

Now Anjuu must face herself and her new fate, or be killed by the very Country and Queen she holds dear.

Just 99 cents on Kindle or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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