Top 4: March 2021 – February 2022

Argentum (P.A.W.S. 2) received a wonderful review over on Daryl Ball’s blog. Check it out and also his other favorite books of the last year.


In the past year I read and reviewed 10 Books.  Since It has now been a year I’ve narrowed those down to the Top 4.  In this case these are books I read and met the following criteria: a) They left a lasting imprint on my mind. b) They left me wanting more. c) They had at least one character that I resonated with.

Before I list the Top 4 though I want to state that it was not at all easy to narrow it down to so few books as all of the books were great reads and I hope people will look through the reviews and try those out that sound appealing to them. I’ll be linking my individual reviews in this post for each of the Top 4.

Honourable Mention: Fruit Of The Dead by D. R. Perry – Since this was a book of poetry it…

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