Fiction Friday!

Hi folks, it’s Friday. I hope you’ve had a good week. Today I have two awesome titles for you to try out.

First up a FREE middle-grade time travel tale, TRAPPED IN 1867 by Christopher Francis

FREE from Story Origin!

Desperate to get a great mark on her 150-year anniversary presentation of Ottawa, Gauri sneaks into her dad’s time machine with a boy from her class and travels back to 1867. Problems quickly unfold, leaving the two fifth-graders trapped in the unforgiving elements of winter, struggling to stay alive!

Pick up your FREE copy from Story Origin in exchange for signing up for the author’s newsletter.

Next up something for your little ones!

FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Cassidy is bored. Very bored. None of Mommy’s and Daddy’s ideas sound fun, certainly not taking a walk in an elaborate park full of art and colorful flowers.

When no one else is looking, though, Cassidy spies a fluttering fairy peeking out from an evergreen hedge. Can Dayana help Cassidy see all the beauty and excitement around her?

This fairy tale is set in the beautiful Allerton Park & Retreat Center in Central Illinois. It will spark the imaginations of children and young readers age 4-8.

Available on Amazon in paperback or KIndle and free to subscribers of Kindle Unlimited.

And finally something for the adults. Oodles of FREE fantasy and Sci-fi reads over at Story Origin – check them out!

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