Friday Fiction

Hi everybody and Happy New Year! If your New Year’s resolution is to read more books then I’ve got something for you.

Check it out!

First off, take a look at TAE SUNG’S PECULIAR LIFE by Elizabeth O’Carroll.

Tae Sung has the power to defeat his best friend’s bully—he just doesn’t know it yet.

Tae Sung is soon to leave middle school behind and enter high school. This whole new experience should be a chance to start fresh, but unfortunately, Tae Sung is about to learn that sometimes things follow us when we don’t want them to. His best friend’s bully isn’t backing off in this realistic fiction.

When Tae Sung discovers an injured snake being tortured by students and used as a gristly prop to torment his friend, he’s quick to show the creature mercy.

His mercy comes at a cost; he discovers he has the ability to connect the energy of living things like an electrical conduit. Is this a blessing or a curse? With his grandfather’s help, he learns to master this newfound ability with every intention of using it to help his friend. Can he teach the bully a lesson? Will he show compassion at the right time? This beautiful middle grade story will teach empathy and what a gift it is to commune with nature and animals, as well as protect those we love and care about.

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Next up a FREEBIE for your little ones!

Cassandra Bee wishes she could Moo like a cow!

Cassandra Bee thinks that cows have more fun because they can Moo! But the cows have another perspective completely. They think that being able to fly is the best!

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Last but not least check out this all-genre sales event that runs through the whole of January. Oodles of new reads just waiting for you to discover!

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