Friday Fiction

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Hi folks, it’s Friday! So time once again for my round up of cool indie books for your weekend reading pleasure.

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First up check out Melle Amade’s Midlife Witch Unexpected.

Middle-aged and starting over is the last thing I ever wanted on my bucket list. But since my husband announced he was gay and my daughter left for college, I don’t really have a choice.

If I’m going to get my “Happily Ever After” I have to start making new choices, starting with picking guys who like women rather than women’s makeup would be a good start. Next! I’m way past the point of caring what other people think. I’m 49, about to turn 50 and I’m pretty sure I’m entering the prime years of my life. It’s time to make my mark and do things the way I want to do them.

Like move.

I am sooooooo leaving the city that has sucked me dry with the commute and the executive position. There’s no way I’m doing that anymore. I have enough money from the divorce to buy a house, almost any house, outside of California. I take one suitcase and my jeep, and I leave town, not stopping until I get to Cougar Creek, which is so small I think it’s barely a town, but I’m all about it.

This is where I will get my fresh start.

I inherited my Aunt’s home here years ago and never even visited, but the renters just moved out and I might as well make it my home. For now.

But Cougar Creek has a lot more in store for me than I ever imagined. There is a load of eligible young men from the local ranches, a couple of new BFFs in similar situations, and a strange invitation to a local secret society who think I’m the new high priestess of their local coven. I didn’t stop laughing until I realized they wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. They have a massive problem in the cemetery and they expect me to solve it.

But I didn’t trade in one life of rules for another one, so if they want me to be high priestess, they’re going to have to accept that I make the rules.

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Or how about some kickass dystopian fiction from Paige Clendenin?

Even after a war is over, there is no peace…

Liz lives with her family in what is known as the East Corridor, the nothingness in between what is left of old New Jersey and New York following World War III. Isolated and living in fear of other Corridors still fighting each other as well as a vigilante group known as The Force that steals children to turn them into soildiers against the people and government, her family has learned to survive and stay close together. But when The Force takes Liz and her twin borther, Eli, everything changes.

Everything they thought they knew is now out the window as they must learn to survive and thrive as soldiers for The Force, an entity that was not at all formed for the purposes the government, a group known simply as The Elected, would have them believe. 

Together, with old friends and new, they must learn to be stronger than they ever imagined while they trudge through the thick layer of lies that have been fed to them all their lives…and might still be being fed to them.

Will they survive and find a new start, or will they get lost in the turmoil of a country they only thought they knew?

Just 99 cents on Kindle or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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Family secrets lead to an explosive discovery in this enthralling first installment. Things don’t seem to add up and her life is constantly threatened in the pursuit of love. Is there a way to find an answer for it all?

Liz is your typical overworked Physical Therapy Assistant. She loves her job but has come to a time in her life where the stress from being overworked, and the passing of her mother, has left her with a sense of wanting. Adventure hasn’t always been on her list of things to do, but it seems that this next chapter of her life may not exactly be what she had in mind. The cabin that was left for her when her mom passed is originally her grandmother’s and has many stories to tell. Unfortunately for Liz, these stories reveal a tale that she was not quite ready for.

After some thought and external pressures, Liz decides to make the leap and go the road less traveled. She moves to the cabin and takes the new job. With renewed life and purpose, she also uncovers mysteries surrounding the cabin and her heritage. There’s a shift in the winds. Can Liz come to understand it? Or will the winds drown her out?

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And now something for the little ones.

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Denny and Penny are a pair of wily foxes who make daily living an adventure. Denny is curious, ambivalent, and ambitious, while Penny is even-keeled, caring, and content. The pair enjoy each other’s company but get into spats from time to time. Join Denny and Penny on their adventures as they discover the joy of life and overcome challenges together.

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