Akash is Here!

Pick up your copy today!

It’s finally here! AKASH – P.A.W.S. book 8 – is live today!

Read a sample here:

Deep in the battlefield Akash lay. He’d been lying in the same spot for twenty years, waiting. Today was the day, he could feel it. The war raged around him. He loved the glorious smell of death and flames. He longed to be part of it all.

But to emerge he needed a host or else he’d be nothing but a single spark. True, if the spark hit just so, the fire could be glorious. But once it was out he’d be gone. Spent.

No, in order to thrive, to travel, to fill the world with his glorious fiery children he’d need someone to carry him.

He understood that this first carrier would only be temporary. That the real host that would bring him his glory was far in his future, but in the meantime he needed a temporary host, one that would not be missed. He ranged out with his mind, which despite its decades of lying dormant was still prodigious.

Not that one; he was caring for a puppy back at camp. Too weak! Or that one—he had promised his mother that he’d come back from the war safe and sound. That one, he had a family back home for sure, but it was a new family that he’d not grown properly attached to.

Akash observed the man, so young he was barely an adult, inexpertly step his way towards where the fire spirit was hidden in the ground.

“Come on,” he willed. “Just one more step.”

The explosion was glorious and Akash let out a sigh as he watched his flames rip the landscape. Now—he jumped and landed in the young man’s heart. He was home.

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