Esmeralda’s Chanukah is Here!

It’s the first night of Chanukah and Esmeralda and her friends have a very important task to complete before sundown.

They need to make enough yummy latkes for all the flower fairies in the garden. There’s no time to waste.

Can they succeed before it’s time to light the menorah?

My new book arrived yesterday and it’s beautiful thanks to the wonderful watercolor art of Sri Lankan artist, Tina Wijesiri. I also listened to the audio book this morning that is currently being produced by British voice actress, Fiona Thraille. It’s going to be marvelous too. So I have an offer for everyone reading this page. Order a signed copy of Esmeralda’s Chanukah directly from me and get the audio book free.

Order your signed copy here for $15 including shipping plus there are bundle deals if you’d like to add my other picture books.

Or pick up your copy from Amazon in paperback or ebook. (And it’s also free on Kindle Unlimited if you have a subscription.

And here’s a sample picture from inside the book. This is Lucinda with her friend Snowdrop:

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