Friday Roundup

Hi folks, it’s Friday and I have a bunch of awesome indie books to tell you guys about.

First up – look at is stunning cover!

MOONLIGHT BEAUTY is a Beauty and the Beast retelling by USA Today bestselling author, Anna Santos.

What to do when the creature that saved you from impending death is the beast you’re hunting down?

Belle lives a sheltered life until her father is killed by the creatures hiding in the neighboring forest. Struck by pain, she wants revenge, and the only way to achieve it is to join the hunters. However, the hunters are an elite squad that doesn’t allow women to enlist. Using their captain’s love interest in her, Belle agrees to let him court her if he trains her to be the first huntress of their kingdom.

Alpha Drake and his pack have been hiding in the Black Forest to protect a powerful relic. They are shapeshifters and guardians, yet the humans of the neighboring kingdom believe they are nothing more than beasts who prey on the humans and kill for sport.

Two worlds collide when Belle’s first mission goes terribly wrong. Not only she’s captured by the beast she’s hunting, but she’s also turned into one of them. When the werewolves’ leader refuses to let her leave, Belle needs to gather all her courage and wits to defy him and return to her mother and the safety of her kingdom.

The sexy alpha has other plans—keep her safe from the real danger and convince her to be his Luna.

Stuck in his house, will she be able to resist him?
Journey into the steampunk world of magic, humans and shifters, love and duty, and a tale as old as time with a twist that will leave you craving for more.
Moonlight Beauty is a standalone novel inside the Fairy Tales with a Bite Universe. If you love a feisty heroine and a swoon-worthy werewolf alpha, then this fairy tale retelling of the Beauty and the Beast won’t disappoint you.

Available for 2.99 on Kindle or free to subscribers of Kindle Unlimited.

Next up uncover VITRIAN SECRETS by Dele Andersen.

Unveil the secrets around Wanda Troms’ life. Secrets her mother had kept from her. Secrets around her father’s death that was hidden from her for years. Secrets about a group of people called Vitrian have watched her for years.

Now, the secrets are emerging as Wanda shows traits of a gift that her mother had prayed, her daughter never had. Her gifts open her up to the evil that was determined fifteen years ago to destroy her but her father, Marcus, a skilled fighter, protected her. Who would protect her now that her father is dead? She has no knowledge of the Vitrians or how to fight demons, yet she needs to fight, retrieve The Healing Mendez, and save her little brother who has been poisoned.

This is a must-read story with a young adult adventure. It is captivating and contains young adult enemies to lovers.

Just 99 cents on Kindle.

And now for a FREEBIE.

DISCOVERY by Allison Rose is FREE to all those who sign up for her newsletter over at Story Origin.

There is a world beyond human sight. A world of magic and winged beings. When Nola stole a strange substance from her father’s basement lab, she never dreamed it would make her the target of blackmail or that it would leave her forever changed. Or that she would encounter a faerie in the woods. But there is no going back.

PIck up your FREE copy today!

And now something for your little ones!

In this true-life puppy-story, Bailey meets his Daddy and Mommy and tries to overcome all of the challenges every new puppy must endure, but Bailey must endure a different challenge he never expected! Will Bailey find his forever home?

Sign up for Sensei Paul David’s newsletter and pick up your FREE copy today!

Free reads over at Story Origin.

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