Cryptic Definitions about Life, the Universe and Everything – Answers and Winners

For those who were following my contest over at Paws 4 Puzzles here are the answers.

Paws 4 Puzzles

Hi everyone, I hope you had a good week. Here are the answers to the 42 Cryptic Definition clues set last week by Sanket. Please note that by nature cryptic definition clues can sometimes lead to multiple valid solves, so just because you came up with a different answer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that yours were wrong.

For that reason I’ve decided to award prizes to three of the entries I received who each took the time to ponder over the questions and answered most of them correctly.

So a big congratulations to:



and JEFF H

I will be contacting you shortly about your prizes.

In the meantime here are the solutions:

42 Cryptic Definitions about Life, Universe and Everything by Sanket

  1. Gene Hackman? (7,5)
  2. Will Smith? (7)
  3. Bill Gates? (4-6)
  4. Eden Hazard? (9,5)
  5. Christian Bale? (7)
  6. Singer of…

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