The Penguin


The following blog post was written during my recent trip to Israel after my mother passed away. My mother had spent the last few years of her life in the coastal town of Nahariya.

My father had adored Nahariya and in particular The Penguin, an old German cafe along the main street of the town.

Many years before my mother would live in Nahariya and make The Penguin her favorite restaurant (and always order the salmon) my father used to take the family here whenever we visited.

First though we would stroll alongside the “Mighty Gaaton” – a so-called river that barely runs through the main street of Nahariya.

In later years I’d pass on the Legend of the Mighty Gaaton as I took one then the other to visit my mother in her nursing home in Nahariya.

Nahariya is flat and was good for wheeling my mum around in the wheelchair that she was confined to in the last years of her life.

We would take her to different restaurants but more often than not we’d end up in The Penguin and that’s where I’ve ended up too on what might be my last ever trip to Nahariya. The end of an era.




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