Bitter Sweet Times

It’s my birthday (or rather it was when I wrote this). I’m in London in Camden Town, my favorite place in the world. I’m sitting in the café in Morrisons (a big supermarket that didn’t exist when I lived in this city with my parents a gazillion years ago. My fuzzy math brain can’t work out the exact number.)

I’m waiting for a vegetarian breakfast – a treat for myself for my birthday lunch. Tonight I’m going with a good friend to a vegetarian Thai buffet. (Dou Dou Restaurant opposite Camden Town station, highly recommended if you’re ever visiting.)

But for lunch I’m having breakfast. I love breakfast in all countries. In fact I’ve written about it in this blog before. But this breakfast today is extra special. With this one as I eat the eggs and beans and toast I think about my mum and how she would have loved coming to a place like this and celebrating with me.


My mum, Shirley Manber, the inspiration behind my Shirley the Camel character in Londinium, passed away two weeks ago at her old folk’s home in Nahariya. For the last two weeks I was in Israel for the funeral and the various arrangements. Now I’m in London for the weekend and missing her terribly today.

My mum loved birthdays – her own, her family’s and even the random folks in her nursing home. It feels strange to me that I won’t be hearing her voice on the phone today wishing me happy birthday and I never will again.


So I raise this cup to tea to you, Mum, though I know you would have preferred a milky coffee.

May you rest in peace.


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