My 2018 Year of Books

Hi everyone, it’s that time again, when I give a shout out to some of the awesome books I read in the last year. This year was a nice mix of trad authors and indies. So here in no particular order are my favorite books of 2019 along with links to my reviews of each of them on Goodreads.

I started my year whizzing through an awesome face-paced urban fantasy series by Rose Montague. These three books, Jade, Jane and Jill feature three kick-ass women.

Pick up the whole series on Amazon.

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Next up are three fantasies from three of my favorite indie authors, Fiona Skye, Jen Ponce, and E.A. Copen

The Magpie’s Daughter is a YA fantasy set in the same world as Skye’s Revelations series It’s awesome to revisit her world. And of course it has yummy recipes at the back.

World Weaver by Jen Ponce is the final installment of the Devany Miller series. It made me a little sad as I loved following Devany and as a mother strongly identified with her.

And then there’s Chasing Ghosts by E.A. Copen which according to Goodreads is the longest book I read this year — but didn’t feel like as I loved being immersed in Copen’s world. More Judah please!

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Do you like dragons? I love dragons and adore C.J. McKee’s series which I had the privilege of editing book 3, The Goblin Queen, this year. Highly recommend the whole series. Blood and Bane, Outcast, The Goblin Queen.

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Next up one of my favorite books (and movies) of the year, READY, PLAYER ONE. I read this book with my son, Joey and we were both obsessed for different reasons. Joey because he plays computer games and me because so much of the pop culture in this book are strong memories for me. The nostalgia is big with this one!


And the other book I read an loved with Joey was The Demon’s Apprentice by Ben Reeder. I’ve wanted to read this book for awhile ever since I met Ben at Archon a few years ago and I tell you it didn’t disappoint. We’re slowly working through the books (currently on book 3).


At the same time as I was visiting the world of The Demon’s Apprentice with Joey I was whizzing through Charlie Holmberg’s Magician books. I read the first book in this delightful and unusual steampunk series last year and fell in love with Holmberg’s world. And while I adore the original series I think my absolute of them us is the bonus, Plastic Magician that is set in the same world. Really really hope Holmberg writes some more of these.


Next up I dived into another series from my loooong TBR list that I’d been meaning to read for awhile.

D.R. Perry’s Providence Paranormal College is oodles of fun to visit filled with humor and characters you’d really love to hang out with. I plan to continue reading the rest of the long series but here are the first two that I consumed this year.

38896909  38896996

And finally my last read of the year is the highly anticipated sequel of George Sirois super hero adventure, Excelsior.

Ever Upward is well worth the wait. Hurry up George we want book 3.


So that’s about it … except it’s not. 2018 for me was an absolutely awesome year of reading and I’m not sure they was even one book I didn’t love.

Check out My Year in Books on Goodreads for ALL the books I read this year along with my reviews.

Plus if you need something else to read for the new year today is the last day of my super birthday sale — 99 cents each on all four of my P.A.W.S. books.


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