In the spotlight with Miracle Austin

And interview with the awesome Miracle Austin.

Nerd Fest

If you been hanging around Nerd Fest over the past couple of months there’s no doubt you’ve seen Miracle Austin, an artist who great talent is only surpassed by her incredible personality. Today we’re putting this talented woman in the spotlight. Check out her great interview and feel free to drop a question or comment of your own.


James Chisum: Miracle I have to admit I very excited to interview you today. For the handful of Nerd Fans that don’t know you how would you best describe yourself?

Miracle Austin: First of all, James, I want to thank you so much for giving me this amazing opportunity. Means more than you’ll ever know.

Okay, back to your question…

I’m a giver with boundaries and love empowering others.

By day, I work as a medical social worker; I work with non-dementia and dementia residents/families in a rehab long-term care facility.


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