M is for Math! Blogging from A to Z


Hi Everybody,

Adana here. Do you like MATH? I have to say it was never my favorite subject. Today though I’m introducing two awesome picture books that make math fun.

The first is MATHIMALS by Jon Hales (Author), and Charlene Mosley (Illustrator)


Do you find it hard to add?! Brace yourself for a fun, slightly unusual and mildly chaotic lesson in basic addition! What happens when you add 1 mouse + 1 sheep, for example? Or 4 caterpillars + 4 fish? You’ll find out in this hugely entertaining picture book filled with weird and wonderful creatures.

Packed with brightly coloured illustrations, clever wordplay and lots of fun details, this rhyming story is sure to capture the imaginations of young children and is designed to help easy sums stick in the mind.

Perfect for ages 3-5 but with plenty for younger and older children to enjoy.

I had the privilege to read this one and was very impressed both with the concept and the illustrations.

Pick up a paperback from Amazon UK or US or a Kindle copy.

Next up meet MACKENZIE THE MATHEMATICIAN by Samara Lynch (Author) and‎ Rahana Dariah (Illustrator)


Look at Makenzie out in space! Doesn’t that look awesome?

Mackenzie the Mathematician tells the story of a 3rd grader, Mackenzie, who has such a deep adoration for math, she spends most of her time daydreaming about becoming a famous mathematician. However, that all changes when she enters a math competition.

Pick up your copy on Amazon in Kindle or paperback.

By for now – see you next time with the letter N!


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