Life and Lily – Blogging from A to Z


Hello Lovelies,

Today we celebrate the letter L with a Sassy Chick and a penguin called Lily.


When two silly sisters, Carly and Riley are busy playing in their tree house, they stumble upon a strange object on the window sill. It is a purple egg with pink fuzz.! What in the world will hatch from this thing? Can you guess? When the egg cracks, the creature inside is unlike anything they have ever seen. The adventures begin as the girls come up with fun ideas on how to take care of this adorable new pet.

Pick up Cindy’s book on Kindle, Hardcover, and Paperback on Amazon.

Next up meet Lily Penguin who is stuck inside on a snowy day.



A little penguin discovers that she can explore her surroundings and see the world around her by using her imagination.

Read her tale in paperback or Kindle from Amazon.  

Now I’m off to use my imagination. Come back tomorrow to explore two fun mathematical books for the letter M.


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