K is for Kelly and Kenzie – Picture Books from A to Z

Hi Adana here and today I’d like to introduce you to two new friends Aunt KELLY and her dog and KENZIE who is looking for a friend. (I know all about that one. At the beginning I didn’t have any dragon friends but today I’m friends with the water dragons, the air dragons and the fire dragons.


Do you like my new friends? You’ll get to meet them in my book, Adana the Earth Dragon, coming out real soon.

In meantime let’s meet Aunt Kelly’s Dog written by Helen Vivienne Fletcher  and illustrated by Ian Garmonsway. He looks scary, doesn’t he, just like the fire dragons, but they turned out to be really fun and something tells me Aunt Kelly’s dog might just be the same.


Davey and Michael can’t wait to meet Aunt Kelly’s Dog… but what will they do if the dog is a big, scary, people-eating monster?
Aunt Kelly’s Dog is the first of three picture books from writer-illustrator duo Helen Vivienne Fletcher and Ian Garmonsway. If you like quirky stories, gorgeous illustrations and a good dash of humour, then you’ll love Helen and Ian’s hilarious new books.
$1 from the sale of every copy of Aunt Kelly’s Dog will be donated to Assistance Dogs New Zealand, to support them in providing dogs to New Zealanders with disabilities.

Pick up your copy on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.  

Next up we have Kenzie in search of a friend written by Erica Smith with illustrations by Ashleigh Webb and Alicia Axnick . She looks so sad. I hope she finds a friend. I’d be her friend if she’d like to meet a small brown dragon.


Kenzie is a baby highland cow. She is very lonely and looking for a friend, just like her. One day her mama tells her to go for a walk, as she never knows what she might find. Along the way Kenzie meets lots of animals, but none of them is just like her. Does that matter?

Find out in Kenzie in search friend on sale on Amazon in paperback.   

Or pick up a copy from Erica’s Etsy store. There’s even a matching tote bag available.

That’s all for now. Come back tomorrow when we will meet a chick and a penguin.


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