C is for Cecilia’s Tale! Picture Books from A to Z

Hi Everyone. Here is the Blogging from A to Z post of today that is hosted over on my puzzle blog. For the next few days all the A to Z posts will be over there while this blog hosts YASH (the Young Adult Scavenger Hunt) starting later today. Please bookmark Paws 4 Puzzles to follow along.

Paws 4 Puzzles


Hi Adana here, for those of you who follow this blog, you probably realize that Debbie has a bit of an obsession with cats. In fact my book, ADANA THE EARTH DRAGON, is the only one that Debbie has written that doesn’t have a cat in it.

So for C day we have a kitty book.

CECILIA’S TALE was written by Debbie Manber Kupfer and illustrated by Victoria Szulc. It is the story of Cecilia’s mission to find a new human, but will she find the right one? She’s heard they’re very difficult to train. Inspired by the true story of how Cici found Debbie when she was living in Jerusalem.

Pick up a copy on Amazon or a signed copy on this website.


And here’s a little picture of the real Cecilia T. Cat who sadly passed over the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago.


Solve a Cecilia’s Tale jigsaw…

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