Picture Books fro A to Z – B is for Breeze and Big Sisters!


Welcome back, Adana here and today I’d like to introduce to two awesome B books!

First up meet a tired little cloud that falls asleep on the BREEZE. He wakes to realize that he has drifted far from the lands he knows. He sets out on his new adventure eager for what awaits. The little cloud is confused when things don’t go the way he expected. He has visited new places. He has seen new faces. Will he make new friends?

Find out in Kristen Iten’s ADVENTURES ON THE BREEZE.



Do you have a BIG sister or a brother? As far as I know I have no brothers and sisters as I’m the only Earth Dragon in my land.

But even you don’t it’s okay. You can still enjoy this book. Sometimes it’s hard for small children to accept their new sibling. this book teaches sibling love along with a few questions in the back.

What are Big Sisters for? by Jazmine Wright


Announcement! For the next few days Debbie is going to be part of YASH – the awesome Young Adult Scavenger Hunt. So while this blog is devoted to YASH the A to Z of picture books will continue over at Debbie’s sister blog, Paws 4 Puzzles.

Come by tomorrow for the letter C (which of course is for CAT).

Bye for now, I’m going to get some sleep – Adana


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