Character Interview: Miri Katz

Over on Kayla Matt’s blog an interview with Miri Katz and some awesome pics of Miri in cat and girl form. Thanks so much Kayla!

Welcome to Hell Bent

Hey! Welcome to the first in a number of character interviews this month. To celebrate the release of Londonium, book 4 of the P.A.W.S. series, Travis got the opportunity to speak with with the main character herself.

The redhead had gotten a few odd looks as he approached a cafe in Jerusalem. He’d never been to the area before (and had hitched a ride with his girlfriend, her sister, and his aunt; they had a target in the region). As for Travis, he had an interview to conduct.

He remembered the first of these he’d done, with one particular member of P.A.W.S. And now he was looking to speak with Miri. Though he hoped that he hadn’t chosen a bad time for this. Ah, well. The half-monkey would worry about that later, as he looked around for the girl in question. He wasn’t sure if she’d be in human form…

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