Kitties and Fairies – A Paperback Sale!

Hi everyone – I’m really pleased to announce that I now have paperback copies of both of my picture book titles now available for sale just in time for the holidays. Choose from my kitty story – Cecilia’s Tale with illustrations by Victoria Szulc



Or the story of a cheeky fairy and her friend – Esmeralda Grunch and the Red Tulip.



Each book is $15 including shipping or pick up both titles for just $20.


This offer is good in the US, but I also have a limited number of signed copies of Esmeralda available to UK readers for just 10 pounds including shipping.


BONUS OFFER – All those who pick up a copy of either title will also receive a free copy of the wonderful audio book of Cecilia’s Tale recorded by the awesome British voice actress, Fiona Thraille.

6 thoughts on “Kitties and Fairies – A Paperback Sale!

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