When in Rome… Tell Stories

Need a good read set in Rome? Check these out!

s a gibson


Growing up in the United States, I was fascinated with Rome and the Romans. I heard about Roman art, literature, architecture, public water works, roads, law, theatre, and of course military prowess. I watched movies with Julius Ceasar, where all the actors had British accents. I saw Shakespeare plays, and Christmas pageants with pretend Roman soldiers. So, I was fascinated to find that some authors are publishing fictional stories set in alternate or imaginary Rome.

In 2003 Robert Silverberg published Roma Eterna, a group of short stories with the premise that the Roman Empire survived to the present time. The stories presented a series of snapshots over a period of about 1500 years, from AD 529 to AD 1970, with most stories involving Roman politics. In 2013 Alison Morton published Inceptio, about Roma Nova, a remnant of the Roman Empire in a mountain fastness in Europe. Founded sixteen…

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