S is for Shirley Olden


“Hello dears. My name’s Shirley and I’m the resident P.A.W.S. emissary at London Zoo. My animagus form is a camel – but that doesn’t stop me wearing my apron and my pretty white hat with the yellow flowers. I got that as a gift from my mum before she passed away.

I’m sad when I think about my mum, but she had a good life and she left me all her best recipes – there’s rhubarb crumble, jam tarts, apple amber, and blackberry scones. Come by for a spot of tea and something sweet anytime.”

Meet Shirley in Londinium (P.A.W.S. 4).

More P.A.W.S. Characters beginning with S:

Sandy Ryder – Shapeshifter horse. She and her brother Sean became shapeshifters after their parents were killed in a fire at the family ranch. Sandy recently discovered her power as a weather mage and is training with Latisha in New Orleans.

Sean Ryder – Sandy’s twin brother. Shapeshifter horse with a voracious appetite.

Sara Schwartz (nee Katz) – Wife of Gerard Schwartz. Mother of Sarah Sinclair. Died in childbirth.

Sarah Sinclair (nee Schwartz) – Josh’s mother. A no-nonsense woman who loves visitors and is a wonderful cook.

Selma – Gnome that lives in the Jewel Box. Wife of Bryce.

Sheila Ryder – Cyrus’s wife and Sandy and Sean’s aunt.

Rav Shmuel Hakessem – Lilith and Rifka’s father. Rabbi in Safed with exceptionally strong magic. His shapeshifter form is a black Persian cat with blue eyes, though he rarely transforms.

Shoshana Levine – Lilith’s friend in Brooklyn. Neighbor of Jenny. Animagus bird who attends NY P.A.W.S.

Rav Sol Klavim – Blue’s uncle and teacher in Jerusalem.

Stella – One of the two Teg sisters. Malevolent green fairies that populate their Dominion in Umbrae with young girls that they use and discard as they see fit.

Streifel – Goblin leader of Srebrna Krew.

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