R is for Ramora


“Hello, my name is Ramora and I come from the village of Manus Wu. Up until the age of 12 I lived with my family in the village.

I was happy, I guess, but I always wanted more. I would watch the old witch doing magic by the Mirror Pond, dropping her polished pebbles into the water.  One day she gave me one – a small blue polished stone. I still keep it in my pocket although today I live far away from Manus Wu in the Dominion of the Tegs.

Do you want to know how I ended up there? Well, today you can read my story for FREE on Kindle.


More P.A.W.S. characters beginning with R:

Ramora of the Wolves – Roman’s partner in Transylvania. Mother of Frederic. Known to be flirty and devious.

Reuven Goldstein – Husband of Velvela. Once alpha of werewolf gang in Brooklyn, today due to sickness has passed on the position to his son, Caleb.

Rifka Hakessem – Lilith’s youngest sister, who helps Miri learn Hebrew in Safed and was later taken by Frederick. Today has returned to Israel and is training with Ada in Jerusalem to be a healer.

Professor Rogers –Spell Mechanics teacher at NY P.A.W.S. Animagus rooster.

Roman –Ancient wolf from Transylvania that turned Alistair and then acted as his mentor.

Ronnie Lindsay – Otter animagus, nephew of Clifford and brother of Fiona. Attends NY P.A.W.S.

Rufus – Black dog that lived in Geva Street, Jerusalem and today spends his days in Umbrae guiding the lost souls to their new homes with the werecat, Griddlebone, by his side for conversation.

Ryan Wolfe – Son of Alistair and Jenna. Named for Jenna’s brother Ryan.

Ryan Wynn – Jenna’s brother who joined Alistair’s pack after dropping out of high school. Idolized Alistair and died fighting for him.

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