P is for Precipitous Brew


“Good day to you. My name is Precipitous Brew and you will find me (if the need arises) at my home just adjacent to Kensington Gardens in London.

I have actually gone by a lot of names over the decades I have been on this planet, but Precipitous Brew amuses me. I saw it first in a crossword puzzle, a clue for the word STEEP. In my work as alchemist I often steep my potions, or else steep my tea, so you see the name fits.

I act as a consultant to the P.A.W.S. Institute of Londinium. Their current Headmaster, Cornelius Sprocket, is a fool and needs to be watched. Of course they have offered me the position multiple times, but I refuse (as is customary) and prefer to keep my distance.

However if you need to speak to me on important magical business you may make an appointment with my assistant, Xavier. You will most likely find him swimming on the Round Pond in his duck form.”


Meet Precipitous Brew, Xavier the duck, and Cornelius Sprocket in Londinium (P.A.W.S. 4).

More P.A.W.S. characters beginning with P:

P.J. – Large russet colored wolf in Salgado’s pack.

Professor Phoenix Newton – Professor at New York, P.A.W.S.

Prendergast Cubbins – Chef at New York P.A.W.S.

Prescott Bones – Andrew’s father. Was in the military and presumed dead at the time Andrew first went missing.

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