I is for Ian the Chimp


“Howdy! I’m Ian, the resident chimp animagus at the St. Louis Zoo. I act as a liaison between the zoo animals, the wolf pack, and P.A.W.S. I don’t have a regular enclosure at the zoo of course – I have a luxury apartment with a huge flat screen television. Great for watching reruns of my favorite Tarzan movies.

If you come visit, please be sure to bring me a bunch of bananas. I can’t get enough of those delicious yellow fruit, and I make a mean banana daiquiri. I’m also collecting monkey jokes – do you know any good ones? If you do send them over to my page.

I was recently interviewed by a fellow simian, Travis. I really enjoyed his visit and you can read his interview here.

There’s even a picture of me in my best tuxedo. Thanks so much to Kayla Matt for drawing me.”



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