E is for Esmeralda Grunch


“Hello, my name is Esmeralda Grunch and I live in a beautiful red tulip in the garden of the flower sprites in Umbrae. Truly he is the most fetching of the flowers in the garden and I work to make sure that his petals stay pristine.

If you ever visit Umbrae be sure to stop at our garden and we might even have a latke or two to share. But you’ll have to pay – we don’t want any freeloaders around here.

I hear word of me has spread to the above world and my story can even be found on something called youtube. I suppose you can check it out. I hear the narrator, Matt Lovell does a passable job.

Other P.A.W.S. characters beginning with E:

Eidel – The goat of healing that lives with the Goldstein family in Brooklyn.

Ethan – Member of wolf pack in St. Louis. Formally one of Alistair’s wolves.

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