C is for Celia


“Hello my name is Celia. I was born in Vienna in a small apartment in a street called Grosse Spielgasse. I lived there with my mother, Miriam, my father, David, my big brother Issel, my baby sister, Sara, and my cat, Max.

On my tenth birthday the Nazis came and took away my family. Just before they came my mother gave me her necklace with the silver cat charm on it. I didn’t know it at the time but the charm contained a special magic that had been passed on through the generations. That day the charm saved my life and it was the first day I took my cat form – a grey cat with green eyes. Aren’t I beautiful?

You can read more of my story in Umbrae.”


Other P.A.W.S. characters beginning with C:

Caradog – One of the last Wild Warlocks of Wales. Today lives in a cul-de-sac in the In-between with his long-term partner, Gromer the Green.

Carlotta Hakessem – The Rebbetzin of the Hakessem compound in Safed.

Professor Cedric Ainsworth Jr. MHK (Magician of High Knowledge) – The general studies teacher at the Midwest Institute. He gained his degree at the highly exclusive Salem Institute which specialized in the training of magical educators. An animagus owl, he supervises his classroom by flying up to the ceiling fan where he can both get a good view of his class and take the occasional nap.

Cedric Ainsworth Sr. – Father of Professor Ainsworth. This animagus owl is the learned and kindly librarian at St. Louis P.A.W.S.

Chester Willis – Brown dog animagus who brings Jamie to New York P.A.W.S and becomes his friend.

Clifford Lindsay – Otter animagus. Resident of Central Park Zoo, NY. Manager of the Screaming Foxes.

Cornelius Sprocket – Headmaster at London P.A.W.S. Very fond of rhubarb crumble, especially when served with custard in his Bunnykins bowl.

Cynthia Katz – Miri’s aunt. Dresses formally with a lot of fur. Never wanted children and thought Miri an inconvenience. Has an immaculate house in the fancy Town and Country suburb of St. Louis with a top of the line kitchen that she’s never cooks in.

Cyrus Ryder – Sandy and Sean’s uncle, a weather mage. Brother of Wyatt Ryder. Shapeshifter form, Black stallion.

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