Umbrae by Debbie Manber Kupfer

Our second stop on the Umbrae Blog Tour today takes us to the ancient city of Safed in northern Israel.

Diane Riggins




The streets of Safed were crowded with tourists and locals mingling, laughing, buying and selling. Scholars sitting in cafes, studying Kabballah or arguing about football or politics. Tourists taking photographs. Little boys in peyot and skullcaps kicking balls around, posing for photographs. Grown men with dark coats, black hats, and long beards in earnest conversation. Some hiding their faces from the tourists with the cameras.

As Miri walked she thought about the scene that she’d uncovered from the book. So that’s how it happened—how Omama had escaped from the Nazis. She wished she could talk to her, ask her all the questions that were burning inside her. Why had Omama kept her magic a secret from Miri through all the years she was growing up?

Miri had a few shekels in the pocket of her skirt. She walked up to a falafel stand.

“Hetzi falafel, bvakasha.”

She hoped she’d…

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