Attainment Fiction

P.A.W.S. gets a mention in this insightful article by S.A. Gibson and includes mentions of two of my favorite reads, Controlled Descent by K.M. Herkes and Tesla’s Signal by L. Woodswalker.

s a gibson

Let’s talk about fiction that has characters that must learn and grow. I find myself reading stories that are similar. Some of my favorite books I read again and again. I’ve been trying to devise a method of categorizing these books. I want to find tags or benchmarks that can allow me to pick up a story and determine whether I am likely to enjoy it, or not.

The stories that push my buttons are ones where the characters start the story without the knowledge and/or skills needed to complete the quest, task, mission, or survival activity. Often a character gets dropped into a situation that requires growth, learning, and the willingness to explore new options. For example in Controlled Descent by K. M. Herkes, Alison and the other characters must learn and grow as they face deadly challenges in the future world they are navigating. I am nerdy, in…

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