The Unreliable Mentor

Yes, Yes – a gazillion times yes!


One of the story elements that will make me give up on a story is what I call “The Unreliable Mentor”.  Sadly, it’s a fairly common one.  It’s my habit not to bash particular works in my blog, so I won’t give examples.  But I expect most readers will recognize this sort of exchange:

“I couldn’t tell you what was really going on because you had to discover it for yourself, and because your reactions had to appear genuine to fool the bad guys, and I needed to test you to see if you were truly The Chosen One and so that you would gain the inner strength you needed to face your greatest challenge and–”

“And because you’re a total dick who wanted to screw with me!”

“Well, yes, that, too.  I was really getting off on watching you flail around like a blind manatee.”

I think I can…

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