Fiona McVie – The Mistress of Interviews Interviewed

A while back I was interviewed by Fiona McVie. You can find my interview here:
But here is an interview with Fiona 🙂

She Who Blogs


Recently She Who Blogs traveled electronically across The Pond to interview one of Scotland’s premier interviewers: Fiona McVie. Her blog authorsinterviews is well-known among writers and readers communities on WordPress and throughout the blogosphere. To date she has interviewed over 3,350 authors – with many more to come. Enjoy.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hi I am Fiona. I am a single mum of four children and 4 grandchildren. I was born in Germany due to dad being in the British army, and at the age of 12 we settled in Scotland where I have lived ever since.

Did spending time in Germany influence your life?
No as up till I was 12 I moved a lot. Not only did I live in Germany; I also lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, Cyprus, and Malaysia.

Do you travel much of any now?
No, not now.

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